Open (Love) Letter to Delish

(Note:  I will mail this letter to Mr. Sadorra next week.  If you also miss Delish, please show your support by commenting below and I will include them in the mailing.)


Dear Virgil Sadorra,

I am writing this letter to you as a plea, a hopeful request, to once again provide the diners of Charleston, the Greater Kanawha Valley area, and all persons East of the Mississippi your imaginative, healthful, and delicious selections that at one time were collectively known as “Delish”.

Regretfully, I have already blundered.  To say your Delish dishes were merely delicious is a grave understatement.  If umami is the fifth taste, then I propose the Delish satay is the sixth.   

The tender skewered meat…the assortment of fresh vegetables…the tantalizing sauce.  I ask: who doesn’t love food on a stick?  No one!  That is to say, conversely, that everyone in the entire world thoroughly enjoys eating food impaled on sticks.  Old people, young people, fat people, skinny people, people wearing trucker hats, people walking with limps, people who refuse to pay parking tickets, law-abiding citizens.  I think you get my point: putting the meat on sticks was pure genius!

And the vegetables were always cut into bite-sized pieces so I never had to waste time preparing my food after receiving it.  I could dig in with sweet abandon!  The portion sizes were so generous it was enough for two meals, but rarely did I have any leftover.  It was simply too wonderful and I couldn’t make myself stop until I had consumed every morsel.

The fire in the building on McFarland Street was one of the darkest days in Charleston dining history.  I scoured the news each day for reports about your rebuilding.  I appealed to the culinary gods to help restore the mecca of fusion cooking.

Alas, word spread through the land that a building was purchased and several projects were in process.  Oh, Mr. Sadorra, how I hoped one of those projects was the reinstitution of Delish!  But my hopes were dashed.  A tex-mex grill on McFarland and a gourmet sandwich shop on the East End.  And even though I simply adore the fish tacos at Cilantro’s, an emptiness remains.

(On a side note, could you put more lettuce on the sandwiches at Delish Express?  I check marked every box with any type of lettuce – paying extra for some – and still only had a few measly leaves on my sandwich.  I wanted to mention that while I had your attention…boosting your ego with all these compliments.)

If you could just give us the satay and the noodle dishes.  To hell with the wraps! I never tried them anyway.  The other menu options were singing a siren’s song to me and I could hear it, coming toward me softly, like a light breeze, as soon as I parked my car in the crappy old city parking garage across the street.  And the peanut sauce….oh, the agony of its absence from my palette. 

How long has it been since I enjoyed my last meal at your fine restaurant?  Years, I tell you.  So many that I can longer keep count.  Not even with my accounting skills.  It is just too painful.  Mr. Sadorra, I have even resorted to on-line psychotherapy to relieve my depression. 

Please, oh please, revive our tastebuds with another serving of Udon noodles.  It may not be too late to revise the menu before the impending opening of the Vandalia Grille to include our old and dear favorites from the sorely missed Delish.


Contributor at Fork You

4 responses to “Open (Love) Letter to Delish

  1. Amen sister! Everything you said . . . with the addition of the cous cous dish, but especially the satay.

  2. The Vegetarian Wife

    yes- I want to sign the petition!!! Bring back my couscous! Oh- PS– I wrote a similar letter to him about the couscous once when Daniel and I were trying to hit him up for a Dirty Dog donation but alas…… Maybe you should remove the part about the lettuce so that it is ALL about the shameless pleading.

  3. I understand the strategy behind removing the lettuce comment, but lettuce volume is very important to me.

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