Spice Up Your Life – Gumbo’s Cajun Restaurant

Gumbo’s Cajun Restaurant – Fayetteville, WV

Dan says…

I had all intentions of visiting another restaurant in Fayetteville for my late lunch, but Gumbo’s caught my eye on the way. They have spruced up the exterior since opening a few years ago and I noticed a menu posted outside. I took a glance at the menu and the mix of Cajun, Creole and Low Country cuisine sucked me right in the door.

I entered the moderate sized dining room and was greeted right away. I found my seat and surveyed the space. State flags and various pictures decorate the space. The dining room is far from cramped, but the low ceilings can be a little distracting. I tried to order my new favorite drink – an Arnold Palmer, but they only had canned lemonade so I just had iced tea for about $1.

The menu has so many delicious sounding choices. The Regional Big Bowls include southern standards like File Gumbo, Shrimp Creole, and Gullah Rice. The gentleman at the next table ordered the gumbo and enjoyed every bite. He said that he had eaten gumbo all over and stated that they are all a little different. The menu also features a traditional low country shrimp boil and a very tempting shrimp and grits dish. The Big Bowls and shrimp entrees are at my dinner price point ($10-$18) so I checked out the sandwich menu. The classic Muffuletta, several interesting 1/2 pound burgers, and some tasty Po-boys rounded out the menu.

Fried Gulf Shrimp Po-Boy - $7.50

Fried Gulf Shrimp Po-Boy - $7.50

Savvy Fork You readers know that a poor imitation of a Po-Boy help launch this blog so I decided to see if there was a better interpretation in West Virginia.  I will go out on a limb and say that this is one of the better ones I have had. A good Po-Boy has three essential components (Unlike the four components that make up a school lunch or a WVHD) – French Bread, large portion of seafood or meat, and a spicy remoulade. Gumbo’s Fried Gulf Shrimp Po-Boy is firing on all eight cylinders. They have a perfect french bread roll with a soft crust and a dusty cornmeal bottom. A soft crust is preferred for an over stuffed sandwich. A crusty bread requires too much bite and sends your sandwich fillings sliding out the back of the sandwich. Six jumbo gulf shrimp, I am guessing 21/25’s, cover every inch of the large roll. The shrimp have a very delicate breading that reminds me of tempura. Finally, a thin layer of spicy remoulade coats the cut side of the roll bottom. This sauce is delicious, but I would like it applied to the top of the shrimp and lettuce to glue everything together. It soaks pretty quickly into the roll, and we all know “The Five” don’t like soggy bread.

Side of Ride Beans and Rice - $2.00

Side of Ride Beans and Rice - $2.00

This Po-Boy comes with lettuce, tomato and sweet onion – chips and pickled okra for $7.50. In order to round out this review I passed on the chips and ordered a side of red beans and rice for $2.00. Gumbo’s does this classic southern side justice. It is seasoned very simply allowing you to kick it up with a hot sauce from their collection. You can’t go wrong with this preparation of dry beans, rice and green onions. Large chunks of celery and whole bay leaves add an aromatic punch.

So if you find yourself near the New River Gorge after a rafting trip down the New or maybe after running a trail race at ACE you need to head to historic downtown Fayetteville. You will be faced with a dining dilemma, but you won’t go wrong at Gumbo’s – FOUR Forks.

103 S Court St
Fayetteville, WV 25840

Get Directions
(304) 574-4704
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12 responses to “Spice Up Your Life – Gumbo’s Cajun Restaurant

  1. Who are you?

  2. Why do you ask?

  3. Just curious about which one of the five was doing the forking.

  4. Revised.

  5. Misty could go wrong with the red beans and rice…think of all the celery pieces she’d have to pick out!

    Oh, and for all us “regular people” out there, maybe you should elaborate on what “21/25’s” are.

  6. I did…I called them Jumbos.

  7. It means how many shrimp would be in a pound.

  8. Oh, I will HAVE to make a pilgrimage to this place…spent a few days in the French Quarter last month and I’ve been craving good cajun food since! And they have muffulettas…mmm…wonder if they’re Central Grocery-style or Napoleon House-style?

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  10. Sproston Green

    I heard they closed but a new Thai place is going in 4 doors up from them….

    • Gumbos is reopened. Same great menu, the inside has been renovated. We also have the ability to make Arnold Palmers. The restaurant up the street will unfortunately not be Thai, but it should still be great.

  11. Really? Four forks? This place is awful! No flavor, no spice, not even salty! Nothing near what I would call Cajun or N’awlins worthy in this place at all. The gator was rubbery and the gumbo was like a bowl of bland soup. I can usually agree with the reviews on here, but this one I’m going to have to go against. If you like good Creole style fare, stay FAR away from this one.

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