Shopping Stop – Ruby Tuesday

Reviews by Susan’s daughters, ages 7 and 10, respectively, are a special feature of today’s post. Perhaps they can snag recurring roles on Fork You.

Hope says…

Ruby Tuesday was good.  I was really hungry and the portion they gave me did not fill me up.  I ordered penne pasta.  It was too buttery and had EVOO on it.  It had a ton of parmesan cheese on it.  It tasted good and was not mushy.  I could have eaten twice what they gave me.  The dishes looked like they were expensive.  The waitress was nice.  The restaurant was really big.  I think it had too big of lights.  I think that’s all.  THREE FORKS

(note about Hope – she is really skinny.  To look at her, you’d think one penne would fill up her teeny stomach, but she can really put food away when she likes the taste of it.  The fact that she wanted more is a testament to how much she enjoyed this dish.  Oh, and can you tell she is a Rachel Ray fan?)

Hannah says…

Today we were going to the mall and Kohl’s.  After we finished Kohl’s, we all decided it was time for lunch and Ruby Tuesday was close to the mall so we ate there. 

We got seated very quickly even though there was a line.  They didn’t really realize we were there but when our waitress came she was really nice and was quick about everything and kept checking on us and making sure we were doing okay.  I ordered the kid’s meal burger and broccoli.  They were nice and slid the cheese off my burger onto my broccoli.  The size was perfect and they cooked it just right.  The bread was nice and toasty.  I liked the lemonade because when my mom tried it, she got a sour face.  And the waitress got me my own cup of lemonade so when I needed refills, if she wasn’t there, I could pour it myself.  The napkins were really soft – they were almost fabric-y. 

Overall, I give it FOUR FORKS.

(note about Hannah – she was full even though she only ate half the buns and didn’t finish all the broccoli.  The portion size on this kid’s meal is large.  I saw two adults sitting near us order this kid’s meal for themselves.  You can do so, if you pay the upcharge.)

Susan says…

The little girlies and I took a break from our day of preliminary school shopping to dine at Ruby Tuesday.  We selected it because it was in the actual mall, we had already been to our favorite place, Porfirio’s, just a few days prior, and they have several healthy choices on the menu.   The brainchild of Sandy Beall, Ruby Tuesday began over thirty years ago and is now a chain of over 950 locations worldwide.

Hannah is correct, we got a seat pretty quickly.  A nice, comfy, large booth.  We waited about 10 minutes before someone realized we were orphans and found a willing server to take care of us.  After that, it was smooth-sailing for service. 

I ordered the chicken fresco (grilled chicken breast, tomato slices and a yummy sauce) with green beans and broccoli for $11.99.  I received so much food, I couldn’t finish it all.  The chicken dish was great – I had ordered it several times before.   A large portion of broccoli was cooked just right and well-seasoned.  The green beans were forgettable.  They were very thin, like a haricot vert, but the flavorings were sparse and unexciting.  Lemon zest.  Restaurants should put lemon zest on their green beans.  Since I began seasoning my green beans at home with butter, lemon juice, S&P and lemon zest….it is difficult to impress me otherwise.   According to the nutritional information on their website, my entire meal had only 15 carbohydrate grams.  Even less since I couldn’t eat it all.  And there were other choices with lower carbs, like the New Orleans Seafood.

I paid the exhorbatent $2.25 for a soda because I just didn’t have time to keep running to the potty while we were trying to shop, which is exactly what would have happened if I drank a beer.  Worse than coffee, the effect beer has on my bladder.

We had a nice meal that fueled us up for the rest of the day for a reasonable price.  The kids’ meals cost $3.99 for the pasta and $4.49 for the beef minis, which included drinks.  Lemon zest could have pushed them a bit higher, but without it (and partly because it is a chain) I can only give THREE FORKS.

Ruby Tuesday
Barboursville Mall
Barboursville, WV  25504
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One response to “Shopping Stop – Ruby Tuesday

  1. Great reviews from the girls!

    I love Ruby Tuesday’s, and I, uncharactaristically order the same thing every time. Crabcake appetizer + Garden Bar.

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