You’re Among Friends – Food and Friends

Food and Friends – Lewisburg, WV

Dan says…

When Jill Cortes featured Food and Friends on the now canceled Food Network show “The Best of…” she wasn’t far off the mark. This long established restaurant in historic Lewisburg has been making friends with its outstanding menu and food for many years. This proud brick building sits on the corner of West Washington and Church.  If it is a busy evening you might find parking around the corner past “The Market”. After your short walk you will be greeted at the front door with a huge selection of Asher Chocolates that scream “save room for me!”

Case o' Ashers Chocolate

Case o' Ashers Chocolate

The menu is complex, but complete. You will find something that suits you. Consider one or two of their interesting appetizers like Alligator Bites or the Harbor Crab Dip. Those are two things that you will be hard pressed to find somewhere else in WV.  F&F have been ahead of the low carb curve for a few years with the “Lighter Fare” section of the menu.  It pairs high quality proteins like salmon and marinated chicken with beds of fresh greens and vegetables.  I have sampled the Sweet Bourbon Salmon before and enjoyed it. The Seared Tuna, a grilled tuna fillet served over fresh field greens, with egg, red onions, roasted almonds and fat free tomato basil dressing, always catches my eye until I turn the page.  The Signature Grille and Pastas make me want to send the server away (mortal sin*) so I can have more time to decide.  There are so may delicious sounding entrees on the menu you could eat there once a week all summer and never eat the same thing.  I finally decided on the Chicken Oscar.

House Salad with Pilot House Dressing

House Salad with Pilot House Dressing

My meal started with a cool crisp garden salad made up of chopped romaine, red peppers, red onion, cucumbers, and a combination of yellow pear and red grape tomatoes. F&F’s signature dressings are housemade including the Bacon Honey Mustard and the Pilot House. I selected the Pilot House, a horseradish infused Russian dressing.

Flower Pot Bread

The Chicken Oscar is a sauteed chicken breast topped with lump crab meat, asparagus, and a béarnaise sauce served over linguine.  The pasta tasted like it was tossed in EVOO and butter then seasoned with flat leaf parsley. The plate was rounded out with a vegetable medley composed of carrots, yellow squash, zucchini, pearl onions, green beans, and red peppers. The plate was garnished with citrus wedges and flowering kale and sweet baby basil. The flavor of this dish was heavenly and I enjoyed every bite.  F&F should be applauded for pairing several simple ingredients with a classic sauce.  The slightly acidic buttery béarnaise sauce rounded out all the flavors. The meal is served with fresh bread that is baked in a flower pot.  This is a unique and practical presentation.

Chicken Os5car - $18.95

Chicken Oscar - $18.95

Kim, my server was..well…friendly. She was attentive when needed and let me be to type this review. We had a nice chat about our families.

They have a nice moderately priced wine list featuring bottles of Toasted Head Merlot, Smoking Loon Syrah and the Italian Pinot Grigio, Bella Sera. They also score major points with me for featuring the Oregon Rouge River Brewery Ales, like Dead Guy.

Dark Chocolate Tiramisu Truffle - $1.99

The selection of desserts were tempting. Peanut Butter Pie, Mile High Brownie and New York Cheese Cake made me drool, but at the $4.95 – $5.95 price point I suspect they are too big for “not so” little ole me. I did round my meal off with a dark chocolate tiramisu truffle for $1.99 and a cup of black coffee. The double shot of java gave me the juice to get back to Charleston in one piece. Kim brought me a refill for my coffee in a to-go cup, which put a smile on my face.

Want to get out of town on a day trip or need to visit a relative locked up for insider trading in Alderson? Head to Lewisburg, WV and have a Five Fork meal at Food and Friends.

Food and Friends
213 West Washington Street
Lewisburg, WV 24901
Food & Friends on Urbanspoon

*Sending a server away to study the menu for a few more minutes is a restuarant no-no.  You may not realize it, but you unwittingly throw off the servers rhythm and will have to wait for them to get drinks and take another table’s order before they get back to you.  So avoid doing this if you are impatient.

3 responses to “You’re Among Friends – Food and Friends

  1. I agree with Daniel- this place is great. We almost risked hitting Richmond/Norfolk at rush hour to eat here on our way to Virginia Beach yesterday. The fair traffic was the additional factor that kept us away.

    I love coming to Lewisburg just ’cause I think it’s an awesome town and I always eat at Food & Friends when I’m there.

  2. I think that my parents have switched from going to see doctors in Charleston to sawbones in Lewisburg just for more excuses to eat here.

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