Name That Potty – Round 2

Here’s another chance to play Name That Potty.  Blair found the last one to be so easy, we had to step up our game a bit.

As a reminder, here are the rules:

  1. Local means from the Kanawha City side of Charleston, north to Elkview, west to Barboursville. 
  2. The potty might be from a ladies’ room OR a men’s room – you do not need to specify in your guess.
  3. The potty does not have to be in a joint that we have reviewed.
  4. No matter how exciting the game gets, please limit yourself to only one guess per person per day.
  5. We play until someone gets it right.
  6. When we have a winner, we will post the answer and the name of the person correctly identifying the loo.
  7. Feel free to enter restaurants solely to examine their lavatory.
  8. Fork You contributors and their immediate family members are prohibited from participating.
  9. There is no prize, only the glory of knowing more about local water closets than the other readers.
  10. And please, no wagering.



do you recognize the "mosaic" floor?




Make your guess by submitting a comment below.  Good luck!


5 responses to “Name That Potty – Round 2

  1. there is no penalty for incorrect answers….just guess something.

  2. The Vegetarian Wife

    Surely BRB wouldn’t be so shabbily painted?

  3. Of course not…BRB is way too upscale.

    Try again.

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