You Can Look But You Can’t Taste – Flickr

Susan says…

When you just want to look at some delicious food without the temptation of eating it, do what any red-blooded American would do: turn to Food Porn. 

Flickr is an internet site where you can upload and share your photos with selected people or the world, for free!  You can search the photos on flickr by photographer name, tags, or location.  People with similar interests form groups where they share photos in the same genre.  Joining groups on flickr is easy and many groups ask you to post photos in their group without commitment.  Others, like the Hit, Miss, Maybe group requests you vote on the three photos prior to the one you are posting to give your opinion about each of them.

Check out some of the photos in these groups:

Food Porn

I Love Food

Professional Looking Food Photography

FOOD: I Cooked/Made This

and for all the sushi lovers out there, Japanese Food

If you try it and find flickr useful and fun, you can upgrade to flickr pro for about $25 a year which will allow you more downloads and more flexibility to organize your photos.  With an upgrade to pro, you get 10 free Moo Cards – another great way to share your photos of food… or whatever.

Perhaps this will encourage other people to start toting their cameras to restaurants with them like we do! 



One response to “You Can Look But You Can’t Taste – Flickr

  1. Don’t forget Rick Lee’s Thursday produce blogging! He has had some seriously droolworthy shots.

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