the Devil Spit on this – Famous Dave’s

Famous Dave's

Susan says…

Historically, I have not been a fan of barbeque.  I can appreciate a sweet sauce smothering tender meat.  But I do not enjoy picking meat off ribs and getting all that sauce under my acrylic nails.  Even with the little wet wipe they give you (pioneered by the Colonel, remember?) you can’t get it all off your hands.

Ron loves this kind of food – so when they opened a Famous Dave’s in Barboursville, I was dragged there a lot.  But you know, I actually liked it.  I love the sweet & sassy sauce, the ribs were tender (I picked the meat off with my thumb, forefinger and a fork with my pinky sticking up in the air) and their sides were great.  Delicious cornbread muffins, crispy fries, and the kids loved the corn on the cob.  We ate there quite often, and after we made ourselves almost sick of the place with frequency, we put it in a rotation where we hit it about every couple months.

On our two most recent visits, we sadly noticed a decline in quality. 

I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich and fries, expecting the fries to be a serious contender for my Top 5 Fries List.  I just wasn’t in the mood for the Georgia Chopped Pork Sandwich, my usual order.

grilled chicken sandwich & fries

The chicken breast was large and very tender, presented on a large sesame seed bun.  The sandwich was great.  The fries were a disappointment.  They did not taste fresh.  You know how they lose the crispness when they sit for a while after being fried?   The Famous Dave’s fries are small potato wedges with a nice golden color and they give you a nice-sized helping.  Today’s taste test may not place these fries on the leaderboard.

The following week, Ron had a friend visiting from North Carolina who loves that type of food.  Ron had bragged on Famous Dave’s so much, his friend wanted to see what it was all about.  His friend didn’t even finish his meal.  It is embarrassing to me to recommend a place to someone and have it end in regret – I feel responsible for that person’s bad meal.

I am sure we will go back when we are in the mood for BBQ, and I hope they step up their game by then.   Based on my order on the two visits, I award Famous Dave’s THREE FORKS.  I predict Ron’s rating of the ribs will be lower.


Ron Says ~

This place sucked.  Susan summed it up best about recommending a place and stuff.  Famous Dave’s really dropped the ball tonight.  

I conned a friend into eating here as I normally like this joint.  I love the Devil’s Spit sauce.   The ribs have in the past been great, and never have they been bad.  The fries… man I rank them up there with McDonalds. 

Tonight… (well I type this two weeks later, and I haven’t been back) Tonight, this place was an embarrasment.

First, unless you get there from 5PM to7PM during the weekday.. you are forced to pay ludicrous prices for beer.  But that’s everyplace in this fascist society these days… everyone wants to milk the consumer for every dime they have.  WELL THEY CAN SUCKLE ON MY TEET…. this is my soap box and I’m letting them have it.

sorry I digressed. 

Our beers were in the ballpark price range – you know, over priced is what you would normally call it but because you had baseline seats, well it was ok.  My only views were of Susan and my “Drunk Buddy”.  Well we like beer and we like drinking so we man up and pay. 

Ordering was simple enough I knew what I wanted, told Derek he didn’t need the full rack… wouldn’t be able to eat it.  Sit and drink.. our food arives… LOOKS GOOD.

Never judge a book by the cover…

First as Susan said… the fries must have been warmed up under a heat lamp like all day… they had that warmed up taste.  SUCKED…..   The ribs.. mine were dry, awful, etc…  For example… you know that like layer of film/meat/cartilage (sorry don’t know what its called) that you are supposed to peel off prior to cooking.   MINE WAS STILL ON.  heck it may as well have been wrapped in Saran Wrap.   TERRIBLE with an expletive that starts with an “F” in front of it.

We get the manager out…. this night I was regrettably on the polite side….  The manager asks what’s the problem.. we point it all out.. He was scared to taste his own fries, didn’t seem to understand the rib issue, and thus probably should have been managing McDonalds, or Larry’s Ice Cream Stand down by the river.  But he says he’s got like 600 ribs back there would you like another?  

The only prop I’ll give him is that he did make a half assed effort to make amends… but because of the lack of sincerety…. well  I declined.. and I haven’t been back since.

First… making up with your consumer should, at the minimum, include the existing meal free.   Chances are you’ve had to suffer through waiting to get it, then you sip your beverage of choice waiting on the server who’s ignoring you because she knew it was screwed up prior to placing it on your table.   So you nibble on it.. it’s not terrible, but it sure as hell isn’t $25 worth of GOOD either… 

I give this place ONE FORK BECAUSE THEIR MANAGER MADE an error.. hell he should apply for a job at the POWER ALLEY GRILL.

normally I’d give this place about four forks, but the last few times we’ve visited it, it’s been below average..

It’s like swimming in a pool with no life guard.. do it at your own risk.

Famous Dave’s
3419 US Route 60 East
Barboursville, WV  25504
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14 responses to “the Devil Spit on this – Famous Dave’s

  1. I think a coupon for a free meal on your next visit is also an acceptable form of service recovery. Believe it or not there are people out there who complain just to get free stuff. So making them pay up front cuts back on the scamers.

  2. demosthenes.or.locke

    The one in southridge absolutely sucks. I’ve eaten there twice and it was terrible both times. The meat and barbeque are decent, but a lot of the sides (like the fries) stink and the place is overpriced.

    I like blues barbeque better, and that place wasn’t perfect either.

  3. I love good bbq. I make good bbq and have been to a lot of good bbq joints between here and FL.
    Famous Dave’s SUCKS!!! It’s really horrible. Been there twice and there was nothing good about it either time.

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  5. Famous Dave’s is a horrible restaurant with horrible service and food. To be frank, the barbeque has a horrible cigarette smoke flavor to it. It really does! You will have an aftertaste for hours. I give Famous Dave’s a D letter grade.

  6. You are idiots, just go away.

  7. sproston green

    The one at Southridge is now some local soon to be out of business joint following in the path of Billy’s…

    • I passed by the southridge location the day the new BBQ joint was hanging their sign. I passed by again a couple of weeks ago, and the sign was gone and there was no sign of life either.

  8. First and last visit to Lamous Daves.Where to start. The waiter couldnt remember my order because he was checking out some girls and didnt write it down. Forgot to ask what to drink. My portions were for a one year old. Four pieces of catfish the size of my pinky and two ribs[ive seen more meat on mouses rib]. The guy who was with me had a huge plate of ribtips, a good helping of brisket over the top of garlic toast plus the sides like mine. I was done eating in five minutes and he had hardly made a dent in his. I complained to my awesome waiter who tried to explain my miniscule lunch portions were correct. After i pointed out my friends lunch[he still hadnt finished his ribtips yet] he made an excuse for why he hit the food lottery. Luckily my friend let me have his three inch piece of corn on a short cob. Combined with a high blood pressure pill myhunger went slightly passed starving. The waiter left with my debit card and came back fifteen minutes later. Enough time to sell my numbers over the internet i suppose. No tippy for waiter dippy. Daves is on top of my no eat list beating out Penn Station for biggest ripoff. I did have a nice dinner at a hole in the wall Mexican place for dinner.

  9. The one in Mankato MN could easily be written about here. IT SUCKS! Wife and I love BBQ, Ive been disapointed three times there with dry,cold,tasteless BBQ. No More for me.

  10. Is this the one by the mall? If so, it’s closed. But luckily, there’s a new place to review: Almost Heaven BBQ (or something like that).

  11. nosuchthingasvegan

    gross… but i guess you morbidly obese fat suckers would shove anything down your throats.. while your heart is still beating.

  12. Famous Daves in Mankato MN Sucks.For Veterans Day they advertised 20% off for up to 4 meals. I receive 20% off for only one of three meals.Call this to attention of the manger; she says I didn’t read the ad correct. I go home bring the ad back to FDs for a refund. She asks me why I am trying to make a good thing bad. She takes my receipt and the ad and disappears. After 10 minutes I ask were she went. The hostess says to get my refund. Five minutes later I decide to leave and I won’t ever be going back.

  13. Theodor Jennings Mckinley III

    Famous Dave’s sucks! The homburgs are from a box they were horrible!!!!! I rather get food from McDonalds! Don’t get me wrong but all the food should be good in a restaurant. My two brothers ordered ribs and they were not cooked right. Service was a fail and the seating was really bad! The total over all I give Famous Dave’s F-

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