Pizza in the Valley – Graziano’s Pizza Teays Valley

Ron Says…

Almost every time I frequent this little pizza parlor in Teays Valley, I am reminded of the Seinfield epsiode about the “Soup Nazi”. I know that reference get’s tossed around with reckless abandon, but I’m tossing it out there again.

We (me n’ Susan) eat here often even on her low carb diet, and I bet we average here at least once a month.  Myself probably more because almost every chance I get while working in the area, I’ll toss this place out as a candidate for lunch – the buffet is great.

The dinner times always seem to be an adventure… the lunch times are very satisfying and I come away wishing the dinner experience was the same.  I would say it is like Jekyll and Hyde, but Dan’s already used that analogy, so I’ll simply say “Night ‘n Day”.

Today (06.27.08 as who knows when this will be posted) I had the Lunch Buffet.  As always, it was awesome.  Sorry I didn’t take any pictures, but I figure the editors here will want to try it out for second and third opinions before posting, plus I thought I’ll eat again here before then so I’ll just get the pictures then.

But to carry on…. The pizza was hot, they kept it stocked – least today they did and It was great.   This lunch buffet is Monday – Saturday and costs $6.99 which includes the drink and refills.  (I’m not sure if the kids’ prices are any cheaper)  I don’t know if the other Graziano’s strung throughout the area offer the buffet, I know the one in the Town Center doesn’t.

They have a good assortment of items, I wouldn’t call it a “grand buffet” but they have enough to satisfy almost everyone I would guess.  Salad, Pizza, Pasta, and an assortment of fried items: Cheese Bites, fried Cheese Cake, Fried Chicken, Fried Fish – mostly the finger food type items.  The pizza usually consists of a Plain Pizza, a Pizza with Pepperoni, and a pizza with pepperoni and sausage. That’s about it for pizza.  They also offer spaghetti and meatballs.  If you don’t like what’s on this buffet, get off your lazy bum and walk next door to the China Chef and their buffet (best in Teays Valley).

I’m not much on the pasta, but other co-workers say it’s good.  I myself think they have the best pizza around, and the freshness comes across as well on the buffet as it does on the dinner.

My only problems are that sometimes they don’t keep enough pizza out there, as I mention today they did, but most times they skimp on the pizza and you have to wait to get more.  Plus on busy days you may not find a seat.  But that latter part just goes to show you how much people like it.



Dinner is where things have turned sour for me you could say.  Not that the pizza is bad, it is still excellent… it’s just that it’s usually night time when all the bad things come out, and with Graziano’s it seems to be no different.

FOR EXAMPLE:   This place has had posters on the wall promoting a beer special: Buckets for $9.99 (note – this poster is now replaced with something else) and we have been charged $11.99.  When asked the server simply said, we raised our prices… and acted like “it’s our prices, don’t worry about what the poster above my head says”…. stupid (fill in your favorite expletive here) 

Multiple times we have recieved the wrong pizza, and two of the times, we’ve waited nearly an hour for them.  Granted these errors were corrected quickly but without any compen$ation!   It’s like they know they have a good thing, and to heck with you…

Tonight our pizza was good… the order was correct, and we didn’t have to wait an hour.  The bucket of beer is evidently back to being $9.99 as that’s all we were charged.   (why raise it in the first place if you’re just going to lower it back?) 

We ordered a half ‘n half pizza because we can’t agree on anything so I got half sausage and banana pepper.  Susan… who knows what she got….. as I type this it’s now 07.16.08 and I forget things I did yesterday so how can I be expected to remember this?

You know what…I’m tired and have more important things to do… I’ll keep it simple, because I’m sure you have work you need to be doing instead of reading this.  So I give it FOUR FORKS…

I don’t know why, sometimes I leave here cussing and saying I’m never eating here again….I mean,  HELL THEY CHARGE FOR WATER the tight wad.   BUT the problem is that the PIZZA IS SO DAMN GOOD.


Susan says…

Since Ron went to lunch without me, I can only comment on dinner.  And, yes, he is in trouble for going to my favorite pizza place without me.

Graziano’s is my favorite pizza.  More specifically, the Graziano’s Special is the pizza I love the best – it has olive oil, basil, onions, fresh tomatoes, garlic and provolone cheese on top of the most perfect pizza crust I have ever tasted.  I am willing to put up with the slow service, the messed up orders and the misadvertised beer prices because their pizza is just so damned good.

Unfortunately for my pocketbook and my waistline, Ron does not love the Graziano’s Special – he, as I have mentioned in other posts, is a carnivore.  He would prefer a bucket of chicken wings to a dessert any day of the week.  He likes meat on his pizza, preferably Italian sausage.  All the non-meat eaters will agree with me when I say you can’t pick meat off a pizza – the meat flavor has been cooked into the cheese and sauce and it’s going to taste like meat anyway.  The only way we can both get what we want is to order two separate pizzas.  And I can’t bear to see leftover pizza on the silver trays at empty tables where people didn’t appreciate the yumminess of the pie and therefore, didn’t take the leftovers with them.  So…I take the leftovers home and then I want to eat them and then I end up with a lot more calories than I intended.    We have tried to order a half-and-half pizza with my half being the Special, but they tell us that is impossible.  I am not really sure why, since they make all their pizzas fresh to order….but, whatever.  I will jump through the necessary hoops to get my prized pie.

On this visit, I opted for a fake-out Special – my half would have onions and tomatoes and Ron’s half would have Italian sausage and banana peppers.  It was the best I could do without ordering 2 entire pizzas.  We also got a bucket of beer at a great price – 6 domestic bottles for $9.99.  That works out to $1.67 each.  That may be the best deal we have found anywhere.  (I guess they went back to the old price and the poster is back on the wall as well.)  We cracked open a beer and proceeded to wait.  The little girls asked “how much longer until we get our food?”  To which we replied “It’ll be a while”.  But it wasn’t as long a wait as usual and our order was 100% correct on the first try.

I always burn the roof of my mouth on this pizza because I just can’t seem to wait for it to cool down enough.  I grabbed a slice, shook on some crushed red pepper, sprinkled on a good amount of grated parmesan cheese, and proceeded to scald myself on the hot, melty cheese.  It was delicious.  It could have been better if I had gotten the Special, but it was ten times more superior than any of the chains.  The crust is thin, but not too thin and is crispy on the bottom.  A slightly tangy, fresh tomato sauce is spread on top of that.  The generous toppings finish off the construction.

Our 16″ pizza with two toppings was $14.97, bucket o’ beer was $9.99, 2 slices of pepperoni pizza for my older daughter was $3.98, kid’s pasta for my younger daughter was around $3 and sodas were $1.69 each.  Recently, the Teays Valley location upgraded with new, comfy benches for the tables along the wall.  And instead of paper plates, we had silver plates just like the pizza trays, in a smaller size.

We like the mom & pop feel of this restaurant.  It is a relaxing atmosphere with televisions and some arcade games for the kids.  You can come as you are and hang out a while, or call ahead for pick-up.  Delivery is also available, but my dine-a-mate coupons are not valid with delivery.

Even with the number of times that we have received less then great service, we keep coming back here because the food is so good.  Remember that the Teays Valley Graziano’s is closed on Sundays.

I rate Graziano’s FOUR FORKS.

Graziano’s Pizza
200 Great Teays Boulevard
Scott Depot, WV
Grazianos Pizza on Urbanspoon

11 responses to “Pizza in the Valley – Graziano’s Pizza Teays Valley

  1. Every time I hit up that buffet, I eat so much that I end up crying alone in a dark closet for a week.

    The wings, ravioli, pizza, and salad w/ house dressing are among the 10 best dishes served anywhere in Putnam County.

  2. I have never had a bad experience! We average two times per week. I will admit that on occasion the young ladies taking orders can be indifferent at best. If there ever is the slightest problem, a request to Phil, Ben, or Andrew solves everything. How about a bucket of Peroni’s for $11.99. Is that a deal or what? The pizza is the best to be found in this area. Get to know the guys in the kitchen, and you will always be taken care of.

  3. demosthenes.or.locke

    I’m a big fan of graziano’s, but I find the pizza is better if you get it on capitol street reheated by the slice. I know that sounds crazy… just what I’ve found.

  4. After reading these comments, I have a strong craving for the Special right now! I must go there this weekend. I will say again: I LOVE this pizza.

  5. I had only had their pizza until last Friday night. My husband and I split a calzone with ham, green peppers, onions and jalepenos and an Italian sub sandwich. Both were excellent and we finished every bite!

  6. At you guys got to eat. I went to the one in downtown Charleston today. I ordered two slices of cheese and pepperoni pizza. I had to repeat my order three times to the guy behind the counter before I paid. Then after I paid, I told two different food runners at least seven times total what I had. After 30 minutes, I gave it. I would have liked to tried it, but h#!! with them. They need a better system. When I asked for my money back from the cashier, she smarted off and said I should have said something. Hello I did- at least seven times to two different people. So I walked out with a bad taste in mouth and not from eating.

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  8. Did anyone else find it odd that Graziano’s had some many violations in their most recent Putnam County health inspection? Enough to justify a report on the local news. We have been a customers of the current location from day one. I have always observed a real effort to keep things clean. In the past, inspection scores have been posted and the results shown have been favorable.
    This situation just does not sound right.

  9. John, it’s not that it “justified a report on the local news,” it’s that our ever diligent crusading reporters do a weekly article wherein they read the health department scores out of the newspaper then either 1) run stock footage of the restaurants that had a bad day or 2) have an intern go out and shoot some B-roll of the place.

    It’s not news, it’s WOWK/WCHS/WSAZ/WVAH filler. And YOU bought it.

  10. The story on the news was not so much about the number of violations the Teays Valley store got, but more about the fact that the owners refused to sign the report since the inspector was a relative of a recently-fired employee of Graziano’s. The restaurant owners felt that they were unjustifiably cited in retaliation to the firing.

    On another note, the husb and I ate at the Charleston location Saturday evening after a try for a table at Pies N Pints. We didn’t have an hour to wait for a table so we walked across the street to Graziano’s. We both ordered custom-topped slices (two each.) We were told by the cashier that the “base” was partially cooked so we could add whatever toppings we wanted. Then they bake the pizza the rest of the way after you order it. It took less than 10 minutes to get our pizza, and I believe that’s mainly because there were a few orders ahead of ours. The crust had a perfect crispness on the bottom and the pizza overall was pretty good. The toppings don’t get as cooked as they would if they were cooked with the rest of the pizza from the beginning. Overall, we were pleased and were out of there and able to get to a basketball game across town in plenty of time.

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