Same sh…andwich, different day at the Power Alley Grill (Update)

Power Alley Grill (Update) – Appalachian Power Park, Charleston, WV

Tracey says…

"WV POwer" in HDR by Shane Rich of HatchCraft Creative

"WV Power" in HDR by Shane Rich of HatchCraft Creative

The one positive thing about Power Alley Grill that everyone seems to agree on is that it is convenient if you are in walking distance. In need of a place to walk to from General Hospital where we would not be hassled to give up our table (we wanted to have a long working lunch), a group of work friends and I headed to PAG. I was not really excited on spending my one lunch “off campus” in a month there, having read the reviews of The Five. BUT- who wants to be the one that can’t agree on a restaurant choice when everyone else can? Not me! Plus, when I’ve been before, I have kind of enjoyed the Veggie Wrap. Hearing that I was headed there, Dan said, “OH! See if they put the Fish sandwich back on the menu!”

So, we walked in and were seated. Nobody asked us if we wanted a booth or a table—because guess what- no more booths in there. Aside from that minor change, I found everything to be pitifully the same. We waited about 10 minutes for someone to wander by to see if we wanted, by chance, something to drink. We had plenty of time to look at the menu, and like the ever attentive wife I am, I forgot all about checking for the fish sandwich. I had time to think it was a shame that the place was so BLAH when they could have potential for lots of local flavor—I love that they have the Toastman sandwich on there, for example. Anyway, the server and her trainee were both friendly and did a nice job. But you can just tell nobody really cares about you there.

You know by now that I like to get the same old thing every time. Well, this time I branched out for a Friday splurge and ordered fries instead of the fruit cup with my (same old) veggie wrap. It’s loaded with lots of veggies and even has some hummus. I thought about Susan when my food arrived. I could find no other reason for the two bread and butter pickle chips beside my Mediterranean veggie wrap. No reason other than to make my tortilla soggy. It’s not like I was having a tuna melt or a club sandwich or something. And, my fries could have been so yummy if they had been lovingly prepared and proudly presented– instead of served ice cold.

But, I was there for the meeting and fellowship so I didn’t complain about it. Plus, I figured nobody cared anyway! One fork—the unsoggy part of my wrap was good. When I told Susan I’d been there and thought of her with the pickle chips, guess what she said, “Was the Fish Sandwich back on the menu?!?!”

*Do you like this photo?  Shane Rich is a talented photographer that uses the HDR process to take unique photographs.  Check out his site at Hatch-Craft where “WV Power” is available for purchase.  A series of these photographs was being displayed at Festivall.  They were awesome. – Dan

6 responses to “Same sh…andwich, different day at the Power Alley Grill (Update)

  1. This place drives me crazy – it’s so slow. But I would be willing to put up with it if I could get that fish sandwich and homemade chips. Too bad Tracey didn’t come back with that vital piece of intelligence! ; )

  2. PAG (like Chesapeake Bagel Bakery) has too good a location to drop the ball (pun intended).

  3. It’s sad, really, that they are wasting such a good location on such crappy food (and slow service). I like the interior too (except I didn’t know they removed the booths!), with the view of the ballpark and the nice long bar. Didn’t the chef at the BRB have some involvement with this place when it first opened? What the heck happened?

  4. Chef Wong designed it and ran it for a while. I think it has changed twice since.

  5. I will never eat there again, even if somebody else is paying. It was the single worst dining experience I’ve had that didn’t involve a stabbing.

    I’ve had better meals that landed me in the ER.

    I’ve got sixty bucks worth of bitching to get out of my system. That was just wretched. Next time Mel sings the Anthem, we’re going to a real restaurant for dinner.

  6. demosthenes.or.locke

    In the chef wong days it was pretty damn good. Now its damn rough in that place

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