I like that Mutt!! – Muttley’s Downtown, Davis, WV

Muttley’s Downtown- Davis WV

Ron says:

A few years ago, before they put the new facade on the outside of this building, I stumbled in here with some co-workers for Dinner on a Tuesday. At that time their special if I recall correctly was like two dinners for $19.99. There were three of us and the server said it was no problem to make the odd man out’s dinner $9.99. Since that time I have been a big fan of this joint…

I would have never walked in this establishment as I had always thought it was a biker bar or something… but walking in that eve it was like Bizzaro World. Antiques, and all scattered about. Then the food… I forget what I had that night, and well it was awesome, I couldn’t believe the bang for the buck… at that time I would have dished out five forks on the spot…

I think it was the next year, Susan and I were up there, and we missed the special, however the food was still excellent.

Fast Forward to 2008 – new facade outside, and two entrances… the one with the “Open” sign leads to the video poker spot, and the other under the awning, to the restaurant. I chose the “Open” door.. but that wasn’t it, and other than looking like I ride the short bus, I promptly turned around, walked twenty feet and went in the correct door.

While doing so, we noticed the special is now dinners for $9.99 each, but there’s a note about the change in the price of the steak… HEY TIMES ARE TOUGH….TIMES CHANGE…. and if I don’t like it I don’t have to eat here.

So in we go, we do wait a few minutes to be seated at the nearly empty place, but there’s so many neat little trinkets and crap stashed about it doesn’t seem too bad. Other than it’s a small cramped place and if you have to stand there you feel like you’re bothering other patrons, or you’re just plain in the way. So waiting this eve was not a highlight.

We get seated in a table that I figured we would be seated at… see unlike places around here, Muttley’s waitstaff can walk the extra five feet to a further away table so that their patrons do not have to feel like we are all dining with different people ala a Japanese Steakhouse!!!! – btw, this is the subject of another editorial piece I’ll be working on – but basically I do not want to eat in someone’s lap if I do not have to, nor do I want to stand and wait if there are empty tables all around.. and thankfully Muttley’s seated us over in a corner away from the nearest couple at the time thus offering us a romantic and cozy chance at a dinner.

Who cares about Romantic and Cozy – we know you want to know how expensive the beer was? I forget. Or how good the food was? Pretty good and for the price pretty damned good. Or some other crazy useless thing that keeps you reading this while wasting your employer’s time? Correct?

I like this place, but today, I have to give Muttley’s Three Forks…. Things just didn’t seem right this eve… The new front to the bldg – personally I think it is ugly, as I previously liked the black flourescent light on the uneven sidewalk and the painted western gunslingers on the wall. But this new look, just doesn’t do it for me… Then came the standing at the door way, saying “excuse me” listening to “pardon me” “excuse me” “pardon me” as people exited or entered, etc… while we just stood there looking like knots on a log.

Then the food – I have to be realistic here and say that at $9.99 this place is still a bargain… Where can you get three courses – soup, salad, and 8oz or 9oz of sirloin, and six medium sized shrimp – that bordered on small. Yes I had the “Surf & Turf” even though it was good, I think they’ve changed suppliers or something as I don’t recall my steak being as thin and grissly or my shrimp being as scrawny. HOWEVER – for $9.99 this is still a great deal.. and I’m only giving Muttley’s three forks because of comparing it to previous visits here. It blows most, if not all the places away in Charleston.


Susan says:

Muttley’s is one of three quaint restaurants on the main drag in Davis. I look forward to coming to the Canaan Valley area for a work-related conference each year so I can enjoy my favorite spots in Davis and Thomas.

We planned to eat at Muttley’s on a Tuesday night intentionally, so we could take advantage of their $9.99 dinner special. We were given the choice of: pasta with marinara and pepperoni, New York strip with shrimp, or something else that didn’t interest me enough to remember, I think it was some sort of pork ribs. I chose the “surf and turf”. I looked over the menu to see what other options were available and I liked the looks of a few other items. However, the cheapest price on the other good-looking entrees was around $15 so I decided the special was too good a value to pass up. Ron’s draft Mountain State Brewery refreshment came in an out-of-season, but strangely charming, Christmas mug. Since Muttley’s doesn’t serve Michelob Ultra, I ordered a glass of house Merlot and waited only a few minutes before my first course came to the table.

My meal began with a cup of vegetable beef soup. It had a lot of different vegetables in it and a couple chunks of beef. In my opinion it needed additional seasoning, so I added salt. Next came a salad with the Italian dressing I requested. The dressing was very good and could have been homemade. The salad was iceberg lettuce with a couple leaves of spring greens tossed in, a cucumber slice and a tomato wedge. I was not impressed with this salad. But the soup and salad were ony little bonuses to my meal, the main event would arrive soon.

My first impression of my plate was: is that all? But I reminded myself I was only paying $9.99. Based on the “fanciness” of the menu, the regular menu prices, and all the talking Ron did about how great the special is, I was disappointed. There were 6 small shrimp on a wooden skewer that had been grilled with salt & pepper. The steak was thin, rather large in surface area, and gave me some gristle problems. I just don’t tolerate that very well, which is why the only steak I ever order (on the rare occasion that I order one at all) is filet. I chose broccoli over fries as my accompaniment. (Baked potato was not an option, for the record.) I received two spears that were a bit woody at the ends and lacked seasoning. I corrected both those issues by trimming off the ends and adding salt. Ron asked for A-1 and they didn’t have it. i am sure this disappointed him because he has asked me if I would carry around a bottle of A-1 in my purse for just such an occasion.

Overall, I thought the meal was good, for what we paid for it. I don’t know if this is the regular steak on their menu, but I sure hope not. Had I paid $20+ for this meal, I would have been very upset. At the special price of $9.99 I felt I got a nice meal for a fair price. I wish it had “wowed” me. The service was excellent, which added to the fantastic atmosphere of the restaurant. Our server was top notch. It felt like an upscale restaurant, and may have tasted like one, had we ordered off the regular menu instead of going with the “value meal”.

Allow me to reiterate what a great deal we got on a Tuesday night – ladies, if you feel that you must occasionally pay for dinner, do it when you have a coupon, or there’s a special. I paid only $31.79 for our two dinners, a glass of wine, a Mountain State Brewery draft beer, a Miller Lite and tax.

We were in and out of there in an hour. We could have stretched it out if we wanted to, but when I am hungry, I appreciate getting my food quickly. Then we can choose to linger with another drink if we are not in a hurry. The coolest thing about Muttley’s is the atmosphere. It is in an old building on the main street. Who knows how old it is. The wood floors are uneven and creaky. I liked that. The booth marked with the “Reserved” card where we were seated was large and very comfortable. There were all kinds of things to look at, like memorabilia, jars of interesting food products and, my date!

Based on this experience, I rate Muttley’s Downtown THREE FORKS.

Main Street, Route 32
Davis, WV 26260

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