Dining News – Mini Burger Special (Deli Fresh)

Dan says…
Mini Burgers with Macaroni Salad - $3.89

Mini Burgers with Macaroni Salad - $3.89

If you are in the mood for something different and are not like “The Vegetarian Wife” and get the same thing every time you eat out.  Deli Fresh is running a new special this month – The Mini Burger Platter for $3.89.  The platter comes with two mini burgers and your choice of macaroni or potato salad.  Don’t ask for chips instead of the salads (it is not an option 😦 ).  The burger patty is simple and I believe it is pre-cooked.  They top it with sauteed onions and whatever else you want.  Next time I go back I think I’ll order them bare except for the onions and swiss cheese.  The rolls were fresh, which is something you can count on at Deli-Fresh. Enjoy.

1405 Greenbrier St
Charleston, WV 25311

Get Directions
(304) 345-3354


One response to “Dining News – Mini Burger Special (Deli Fresh)

  1. We used to bribe a teacher to let us sneak out to lunch by bringing her back a Stallion from Deli Fresh.

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