Double Your Pleasure: Two Tastes in One Buffet – Morocco Mediterranean Cuisine and Pizza (Update)

Morocco Mediterranean Cuisine and Pizza – East End, Charleston, WV (Update)

Dan says…

I have to say that I think that the owners of Morocco Mediterranean Cuisine and Pizza (Original Review) must read our minds or read the blog, because several positive changes have been made.  Most importantly the Moroccan food is back on the buffet.  International selections on the day that I visited were hummus, Moroccan roasted vegetables, chicken kabobs, and what I’ll call a Moroccan rice pilaf with gyro meat.  They all tasted good, but the chicken and the vegetables tasted very similar.  I suspect they were seasoned in the same fashion.

The pizza here is very good.  The crust is more traditional and the sauce is tart with a little sweetness, which is my preference.  It has always been fresh at lunch time.  The one item I wish was a little different is the salad.  It is so lightly dressed I can’t tell if there is any dressing on it.  Using Misty’s words, “I can’t choke down a dry salad.”  Put a crock of dressing on the side.  I also dislike the unlit salad bar.  I find dark buffets very unappetizing.  It is a pet peeve of mine.  I never ate Chef Dan’s buffet, because I couldn’t see the food.

Other positive changes since they opened are real plates and silverware instead of paper and plastic.  They have also redesigned the layout to add seating.  The MMC&P is a nice addition to the East End and I feel confident you can get a THREE Fork meal.

Susan says:

I am so relieved to have the Moroccan food back on the buffet.  Not only is it just plain tasty, but it is healthier than pizza and I can eat as much protein as I want and minimize the carbohydrates.  I avoided this place when it was pizza only because I did not want to fill up on high-carb food.

I expected a price increase due to the change in the buffet selections plus I couldn’t figure out how they could be making it on the cheap buffet price they started with.  It is definitely worth $5.99 per person, especially if you consider how pricy Sahara is.   Sure Sahara has some additional Mediterranean choices, but they do not have the incredibly delicious spinach-feta pizza.

Today I sampled tossed salad with a very light dressing, mixed vegetables, chicken (that I believe is grilled), and a dab of rice.  They serve the premium sodas here – Coca Cola – so I opted for that, as well.   I love the spices on the meat and veggies and they are a healthy lunch option.  If you prefer, you can order off the menu instead of going for the all-you-can-eat.  There are more Moroccan choices on the menu.

Lucky for me, I was seated just inside the slightly elevated rear dining room, facing the buffet.  I warned my friends that they should not be alarmed by sudden movements.  It was lucky because I could clearly see when and what pizzas were coming out fresh.  Mr. Owner placed a pepperoni pizza on the buffet, then something else, then….was it?  Some dude grabbing a piece of pepperoni pie was in the way…yes, I think it is.  So I jumped up, still chewing a bite of salad and hurried to the buffet to get a fresh, hot, melty slice of the spinach-feta pizza.  It is so garlicky and yummy!  I held myself back with only one piece.  But I savored every bite.

When one pays for a buffet, one likes to feel as if the amount paid somehow was less than the amount of food one is able to consume.  So I went back for another helping of gyro chicken and veggies.  The Diet Coke was spewing foam, no soda, on my refill attempt, so I had to choke down buffet visit #3 dry.  At least Misty wasn’t there to get all grossed out by that.

When I paid, I mentioned to Mrs. Owner that the Diet Coke was malfunctioning so she did not charge me for the one glass I was able to drink.  Thanks for that, again.  The staff is friendly and accommodating and the owners cook and cashier every day.  They have chatted with us on multiple occasions about what they are currently serving and plans for the future.  Not only can you get two tastes for your palette, you can also experience two decorating tastes – the firestation theme has been quaintly combined with Moroccan flavor.

This is BY FAR the best restaurant that I have ever seen inhabit this location.  I think it will be around for a good long while – they are always busy when I am there.  THREE FORKS.

1604 Washington St E
Charleston, WV
(304) 340-0091


2 responses to “Double Your Pleasure: Two Tastes in One Buffet – Morocco Mediterranean Cuisine and Pizza (Update)

  1. Pizza looks good! I have never had morrocan food but I would be willing to give it a try.

  2. We at The Morocco have recently decided that as spring fast approches,
    we would make some more changes upon request that we would have a spring pizza bar.
    Salad bar and our famous pita and hummus are still available on the bar. All our pizza is made from scratch everyday- it’s hand tossed and all toppings are the freshest available. Our middle eastern buffet is served every Friday and Saturday evening from 5pm til 9pm. If you want to enjoy a fresh middle eastern dinner come and enjoy our weekend buffet that has the whole menu so you can experince it all!!!!!!!!! Hope to see you there!

    Thank you for your business,
    The Gharib Family

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