Serious Pizza and Pasta at Sirianni’s – Davis, WV

Susan says:

A visit to the Canaan Valley area is not complete until I have been to Sirianni’s.  There is just something about this place that I love.  The restaurant is housed in an old storefront on Route 32 in Davis.  You can’t miss it, and you shouldn’t!  It’s not filled with fancy, new furniture.  Instead, it has quirky old chairs, different sized tables, and skis as posts on the booths.  How cool is that?  We were seated in the raised section straight ahead and slightly to the left of the front door.  As luck would have it, I noticed that my favorite booth, right next to this table, was empty.  I asked our server if it would be alright for us to scooch over there, and he gave me the nod.  This booth is tucked in the corner, seems very private, has two old, high back benches for seats and ski poles make the posts.  This spot made my food taste even better, I am sure of that.

Usually, I order pizza.  This time I felt like being a little wild and ordering a pasta.  Best-case scenario would have been for Ron to order a pizza I liked so I could eat both, but it didn’t happen.  As you have come to expect, Ron and I ordered up a drink to start.  I selected a glass of Pinot Grigio and Ron chose a beer.  I am probably not allowed to mention the specific beer he chose because Ron has a family member who works for Budweiser.  It is the Official Family Beer.  For reasons that still remain unknown to me, even after inquiring of our server, there is no Budweiser to be found in the two restaurants we visited on Route 32 in Davis. 

Today’s winner: Squash Pasta – linguine with a wine and butter sauce which includes zucchini, squash, broccoli, carrots, mushooms, red onion and little chunks of garlic.  They did not skimp on these veggies – it was piled so high there was no way I could eat it all at one sitting.  I added some parmesan cheese and crushed red pepper flakes (available on our table) to finish it off perfectly.  The pasta was cooked properly and the veggies were just right, not mushy.  A slice of garlic toast was served in a basket on the side – this is the way to do it so the bread doesn’t get soggy from the sauce.

As if that wasn’t enough for the $10.25 price, I also received a nice salad to start off my meal.  This salad was filled with leaf lettuce and romaine and a couple bites of each of many different vegetables.  The salad boasts mushrooms, black olives, tomato, green pepper, red onion, carrots and cheese.  The Italian dressing was yummy, too.  They also scored points with me by taking my plate back to the kitchen to box up my leftovers. 

The service was great.  The food tasted great and it was a pretty good value.  My suggestion would be to have a little more variety within the menu.   It seemed like most of the pasta dishes were very similar.  Oh, and could you call a cease-fire with Budweiser?  And where is the Michelob Ultra?  I couldn’t find that on William Avenue, either.

A near-perfect rating for Sirianni’s at FOUR FORKS.

Ron says:

If you’re in Davis, you have to stop and eat at this pizza place, it’s one of the best around the state much less the Davis / Thomas area (it also may be the only pizza joint in the area) I try to eat here at least once a visit at it’s something I really look forward to when coming up here.

I always get Pizza- if you go to a pizza place get pizza.  I’m leary of Pasta, I very rarely order it, as I think most establishments overcharge for it.  Come on, you’re just boiling water and spending a $1.50 on 12oz of noodles.  But I’ll save you as that’s another rant for another time…

As I said, I pretty much always get pizza and as Susan said there is only one item one wants with their pizza and that is beer and yes Budweiser is the family beer more or less.  Hey, they brought beer to the masses and the masses like beer.

My pizza was like $10.99 – forgive me if I forget my prices or do not get them correct, but the place is not expensive by any means, and for a fresh pizza, it will top Papa Johns any day of the week.

The pizza I ordered was basically a Supreme Pizza I guess, I forget the actual title, but it had thick slices of pepperoni, big fresh olives – well at least as fresh as olives can be, flavorful bananna peppers, and whatever else comes on it.  My guess is it was a 10″ pizza, maybe 12″ but not 14″… it was fairly thick and for me even though I ate it all, I was full after the second piece – so my third and fourth were simply for the pure enjoyment of eating and of course eating along with a cold beer is all the better.

This place is great, it won’t break your wallet – driving to Canaan Valley may, but this eatery will not.  If you’re ever here you have to stop in and have a bite.

Four Forks

Sirianni’s Cafe
Box 626, Route 32 William Avenue
Davis, WV 26260

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14 responses to “Serious Pizza and Pasta at Sirianni’s – Davis, WV

  1. My husband’s family has a reunion at a big cabin in Canaan every year and he and I always make it a point to go to Sirianni’s the night everyone leaves. We love it, especially the Italian sausage-stuffed banana peppers appetizer. They are covered with marinara sauce and mozarella cheese (for an additional price) and baked. They’re a little pricy at around $6.99 for two peppers but worth it since we eat there just once a year. Except this year!!! The reunion isn’t going to happen because of a family wedding and the part I’m going to miss most is my trip to Sirianni’s! We may have to make our own trip to Canaan just for that reason. Did they have other national brand beers??? Maybe they sell the local Blackwater brewery beer and that’s why they don’t have some of the other “popular” brands. Just a thought…

  2. I’ve only been there once but LOVED the pizza and someday I’ll get back there!

  3. LAL- Dan wondered the same thing about the beer. It’s a good guess but cannot be the reason for the strange absence of Budweiser products – they (and the other local eateries I visited) do sell some domestic bottled beer – Miller Lite, for example. Maybe someone out there in cyberspace will read this and provide us with the answer to the mystery.

    • O.k. , Heres the info on the beer. I used to work at Siriannis and it was the best job I ever had!!! Anyway the owners are really great people and it’s really simple…budweiser just wasnt good to do business with. That will pretty much make or break a business relationship. They have such a variety of great beers there so it’s good to see people branch out. They hear that all the This is by no means smashing budweiser though.(:

  4. I discussed this with my husband, who has been to Sirianni’s many more times than me with his golfing buddies, and he says they’ve had (numerous) Coors Light there. So who knows…..

  5. Blackwater Brewery to my knowledge is not licensed to sell beer outside the restaurant. Mountain State Brewing Co. in Thomas distributes across the state, but only in draft.

  6. I work at sirianni’s and live on top of it. It’s great to get such a nice reveiw. I’ve got to sample all most everything and it’s all greatand I’m still not bored of it. They should have deffintly saved room for a peice of our delicious homemade peanut butter pie. It’s the best!

  7. Rachel- It’s funny you mentioned the peanut butter pie. I asked if any of the desserts were homemade and the answer was “yes, some are, including the peanut butter pie” and I tried to order it but they were out, Maybe next time!

  8. I love that place. I used to work there and the place is so much fun the owners are very good to you they even took us on a vacation and paid for everything. The food is aways great even eating there everyday for years I still am not sick of it I really miss it.

  9. Arminda Gastineau

    I’ve only been the once and it was a couple years ago and we haven’t been able to get back up the but the minute we say Canaan we both say how we can’t wait to go again just to go to Sirianni’s!!! Really if u haven’t been there it’s worth making the time

  10. My friend Dano, Clay and I once left Morgantown (football weekend) to head back to Charleston. We begam hungry before we even left high street. We got a hankerin’ for really good pizza. Next thing we know we had all agreed on a small detour. We left Morgantown for Charleston by way of Davis, Thomas, and Canaan Valley. It is some of the best pie you will ever put in your mouth!

  11. Over the summer, Clay and I ate at Sirianni’s twice within the same weekend. It was just all we wanted. I so wish it was closer! I would say it is the best pizza in the entire state. Yup. Unequivocally.

  12. My husband and I were staying at Blackwater State Park and the menu there looked awful. The guy at the desk recommended Siriannis and boy were we glad he did. We ate there 2 nights in a row and I had the same meal twice!! It was a pasta with tons of garlic which I’m trying to replicate for dinner tonight which is why I found this website.

    Can’t seem to find a menu on line so I’m gonna wing it: saute a HEAD (it was seriously garlicy!) of garlic in olive oil, add a little lemon zest, toss in cooked pasta sprinkle generously with parmesan cheese and parsley.

  13. I live in the Canaan Valley and agree with all of the above, but the good news is that Sirianni’s again has a presence in the valley. They are located in the lower level of Landis Realty, across the pond from Big John’s.

    Right now they open at 4:00PM Thu-Sun. Not sure what time they close. Obviously the setting is different from Davis, but the food still tastes the same.

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