Dining News – Graziano’s Pizza, Capitol Street

Dan says…

The Capitol street location of Graziano’s Pizza‎ is closed for summer vacation until July 7th. So if you need a pizza fix for lunch in downtown Charleston head to the Picnic Place in the Charleston Town Center for some delicious Graziano’s.  While you’re sitting there you can shake your head and say, “I can’t believe their parents let them wear that…” 😉

243 Capitol St
Charleston, WV 25301

Get Directions
(304) 342-8554


5 responses to “Dining News – Graziano’s Pizza, Capitol Street

  1. I prefer the Capitol Street location over the mall location. I think I’ll just wait until July 7th.

  2. I just finished two pieces of the mall Graziano pizza. It was great. I don’t like getting harassed by the bums on capitol street. I get bugged everytime.

  3. Graziano’s Special (olive oil, tomatoes, onions, provolone) is my all-time favorite pizza. The Teays Valley location is closed on Sunday. I know because I have tried to eat there on several occasions, only to be disappointed by a locked door.

  4. Haven’t eaten at the T/V location, but I really like the Graziano’s at Dunbar.

  5. LOVE the TV location not only for the pizza but for the atmosphere. It feels like an old school pizza parlor.

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