Chills and Thrills at The Purple Fiddle – Thomas, WV

The Purple Fiddle – Thomas, WV

Susan says:

Whether you want to chill out for a while or experience the thrill of live music, you can’t go wrong by spending some time at The Purple Fiddle.

The Purple Fiddle is located in the old DePollo General Store on East Avenue in Thomas.  On your way to the Fiddle, turn left as soon as you enter Thomas and check out the Mountain Made shop for all kinds of awesome handmade West Virginia art and gifts.  You can definitely see the remnants of the old general store inside.  The counter, the cases, the shelves along the walls, and the ladder – all remain.  Walk straight back to place an order for sandwiches, wraps, munchies, flavored coffees, wine and a superb selection of beers.  There must have been a hundred to choose from.  We sampled some Dead Guy Ale and Mountain State Brewery beers – most were around $3.30 each.  Or you can satisfy your hankerin’ for a Pabst Blue Ribbon for $1.40!

It took us a few minutes to decide which beers and munchies to order, but finally settled on the hummus with pita and chips with homemade salsa.  These two appetizer selections totalled about $7.  I looked for a table where I could plug into an outlet in case I ran out of battery power: the main reason we visited the Fiddle today was to have a nice place to relax, drink a beer and access the Internet.  This funky hangout is like a coffeehouse with cool antiques, set in the wild, wonderful mountains of West Virginia where you can catch live music almost every night of the week.  There was no band listed on their website for this evening, but as we sat in our antique chairs, fingers rushing over the keyboards, in came a band!  We were a little too early to hear them play and had already planned to eat at Sirianni’s in Davis that evening.  It’s difficult to go to all the places I like in the area when we were only in Canaan Valley for 2 nights.

We enjoyed the fresh, garlicky hummus with warm pita wedges.  The salsa was made up of fresh chunks of tomato, onion, and jalapeno and tasted great.  There is also a nice outdoor seating area, but as I have come to expect anytime of the year in this area, it was a bit too chilly for me outside.  It was overcast and breezy so we stayed in this time and enjoyed listening to snippets of what the band would be playing later as they warmed up.

I highly recommend you make a trip to the Purple Fiddle.  Check out their website and see who is playing so you can enjoy the live music.  You will not find full restaurant meals on the menu here so if you want a big meal, try Sirianni’s in Davis on the way to Thomas.  This is a place that exemplifies and promotes all the wonderful qualities about West Virginia.

For the full experience you receive at The Purple Fiddle, I rate it FIVE FORKS.

Ron Says:

The Goblins are outI agree with all of the above…and I’m sure if I’d had a few more Hobgoblin beers, I’d probably also give it Five Forks, however, I can’t at this time.  And yes I’m sure they deserve it, but I didn’t really eat anything here, just snacks and beer (kind of like at home).

I’ve been here on one other occasion, and this time I enjoyed it as much now as then.  Susan touched on all the main points, but I should add that I think this place is something that several of the places around Charleston could strive to be like…  My opinion only is that this is what the Blue Grass Kitchen wants to be.  No they may not have a fancy chef or such, but the atmosphere is worth the visit alone.  Plus they stock the local beers and of course, I had one or two!

The Chips that we snacked on were Red and Blue, they were thick – think Tostitos Gold brand.  The Hummus, I wasn’t too fond of, but the beers were cold and just sitting in the middle of nowhere watching a band set up and surfing the net was well worth it.   Check It Out.

Four Forks.

The Purple Fiddle
21 East Avenue
P.O. Box 87
Thomas, West Virginia  26292
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6 responses to “Chills and Thrills at The Purple Fiddle – Thomas, WV

  1. OK, Susan, I’m serious: What have you done with the others? Of course Ron will cover for you, but I’m beginning to get worried about Dan, Misty and Phil.

    But the Purple Fiddle is a really cool place isn’t it? One of my favorite places in the state.

  2. Stanton, I know we’ve never met, but let me tell you…. they have plenty of reviews in the ole hopper, it’s just Dan’s regulations on when, what, where, and how to post are so restrictive, plus getting the slightest typo past Susan – well it’s hard to get them through the chief editors. Plus I think Daniel and Susan spend more time “twittering”, Misty & Phil, well they probably actually do work during the day. 😉

  3. I am quietly crafting many reviews to post when Susan has to re-start the super restrictive carb diet. 🙂

  4. I visited the Purple Fiddle with friends last summer and plan to go again soon! It was a GREAT place for families to meet. Your review only makes me more eager to go — thanks!

  5. I too have heard great things about the Purple Fiddle. Being an Independent Restaurant owner myself (www.HempenHillBBQ) understand the importance of great live Music, Superb Local Brewed Beers and delectable food! We have had many bands stop and play here after hitting The Fiddle – so if you’re in the Hagerstown, MD area check us out! Great BBQ & Vegetarian Fare with organics mixed in/out of our menu!
    13208 Fountain Head Plaza Hagerstown, MD 21742. 301.797.4455

  6. This is one of my favorite places anywhere. We’re from Los Angeles and make this a regular stop on our trip to West Virginia each year.

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