Good Food in Milton – East Tenampa Mexican Restaurant

East Tenampa Mexican Restaurant – Milton, WV

Susan says:

One of three area locations, East Tenampa is a bright spot on the scene in downtown Milton.  Literally.  The interior decor of this eatery is sparkling clean with brightly colored walls and furnishings.  It may be impossible to be sad in such a happy-looking environment, and given the food we had, there is no reason to even try.

I noticed a whiteboard with a drink special when I first came in, a special margarita made with grapefruit juice, lime juice, orange juice…sounded yummy, for $4.99.  (Click on the photo below for a larger version to read the full description.)  Ron’s Mom and I both ordered one up and began studying the menu.  There were quite a few items that I had not seen on other Mexican menus.   Then she suddenly realized that she can’t have the grapefruit juice due to her blood pressure medication.  She walked back to let our server know and it was not a problem at all – they made her one without the grapefruit.  This maragarita definitely did not come from a plastic bottle mix.  It was freshly made and was evident in the taste.

As you can tell from the number of Mexican restaurant reviews already under my belt, I really like Mexican food.  I could eat it every day.  Critics say it is just the same five ingredients combined in different ways, what’s so special?  Well, critics: there are more than five ingredients, at least 8 or 9, and it’s special because these ingredients are all so delicious individually and in combination with each other.  Even though there were “new” dishes, I couldn’t break away from one of my ol’ favorites, the chimichanga.  I was permitted to order the lunch portion, meaning there was only one fried flour tortilla filled with chicken and topped with the oh so delicious white cheese sauce, instead of two in the dinner portion.  I got a side of rice, toppings of lettuce, sour cream and guacamole for $4.99.  Most Mexican places will let you get the lunch portions for dinner and I really appreciate that.  This chimi was packed with white meat, tender chicken.  The rice was good, but had a surprising ingredient: small carrot chunks.  Still good, though!

While I was enjoying my chimichanga and tasting off Ron’s plate, we noticed a second whiteboard describing another special, this time an entree, Tacos Al Pastor.  Three soft corn tortillas with marinated, grilled pork tips served with pineapple, onions, spicy tomatillo sauce, cilantro, radish and lime wedge with charro beans on the side.  I felt the hot rush of Food Envy come over me.  That would hopefully be available to me another day.   I have learned to always look around for the speicals when I come here before I order off the menu.

I want to add a comment about Ron’s plate – he had the Sampler Platter, of sorts.  I tried everything on his plate and it was delicious.  I had never tasted a tamale before – I liked the sweetness of the corncake in combination with the savory shredded beef filling.

The service was quick and friendly.  The dining area has got to be the cleanest I’ve seen.  Not just the expected choices on the menu and they have specials.  I will definitely be coming back here again.  If you aren’t in Milton, try their other locations on Route 152 in Lavalette or Madison Avenue in Huntington.

East Tenampa receives FOUR FORKS from this satisfied diner.

Ron says:

Wow… a decent place in “My Hometown” to eat… that’s right Milton on The Mud has a great little Mexican joint  – I have to say Porforio’s now has some real competition…  (yeah we are still working on that review – sorry – but the food’s great there so eat there too!!)

Anyhow, as Susan said we stopped in there on Thursday after returning from Canaan Valley, the Queen B (aka my mom) had watched Skully (aka my dog) over the past couple days, so I decided to treat her – heck where she lives is within walking distance.  She could literally do as Susan desires and eat here (Mexican) every day.

And as Susan alluded to I tried the Hermoso Special: tamale, 2 taquitos (one beef, one chicken), chips, cheese, rice, beans, lettuce, sour cream and guacamole.   Priced at $9.25.  My food was grade A.  Even though I wasn’t much for the Tamale – that whole corn breadish thing and all. I’ve never had a tamale with this much breading, and whether or not this is authentic – I would be the last to know, but it was definitely interesting and worth tasting.  I loved the way the meal was presented in a sampler platter way.  Seriously, if you ever go here with a group, this would be a good suggestion in leiu of an appetizer.   The taquitos were great, I really thought about stabbing Susan’s hand with my fork each time she reached over to take a bite.  That sentiment also arose when she would reach over to grab one of the several Nacho chips that were the – bedding ~ for lack of a better term – of this meal.

Susan has already pointed out the brightspots – cleanliness, bright and colorful decorations, etc…so I won’t bore you with that.  I would like to add that we have eaten here before about six to eight months ago, prior to them having their liquor license (ok yeah, this is a requirment of my dining out dinner establishment and non work day lunch establishment) and I have to say it was as clean, the staff was as friendly, and the decor as bright then as it was today.  I really hope this place stays in business as Milton can use this kind of diversity, and I beleive if they keep up the good work they will.

I also have to give East Tenampa FOUR FORKS.

East Tenampa
1059 Main Street
Milton, WV  25541

9 responses to “Good Food in Milton – East Tenampa Mexican Restaurant

  1. Speaking of Mexican food, you might want to check out the Rio Grande restaurants in Nitro and Teays Valley. I think their food is excellent.

  2. I am so glad you suggested that so I have more leverage to get the group to ANOTHER Mexican restaurant! As I said in the post, I could eat Mexican food every day. They get tired of my obsessions.

  3. I second this review, this place is miles better than any of the mexican places in Charleston. KILLER guacamole!

  4. im a mexican and i know that the tenampas at huntington, milton and lavalette are the best tristate mexican food everey time we go there is always something diferent and we always ask if they can cook special orders and they do if they have the ingredients we went there the other day and they cook cactus with eggs onoins tomatoes cilantro freh jalapeno and chipotle that is sometingh that i only had in mexico thats why i know they are the best and im as critic i give them 10 forks cus anything you ask them they try please everybody

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  6. I have to say that the Rio Grande’s in the Huntington area….ewwww.. to say the least.

    This particular restaurant (am a Milton resident) is the best restaurant I’ve been to as far as Mexican cuisine. I LOVE it. I just with more Miltonians would frequent this place. This place is something we really need to keep in our town.

  7. I had never heard of East Tenampa but went because I saw it on the site. It was good food, but not my favorite. It’s likely because I went for a meal that wasn’t my usual.

    I used to think that Rio Grande Nitro was the best mexican place around and that Casa Garcia was good (minus their lack of consistency).

    BUT then I went to Rio Grande in Beckley. The food was amazing. It’s one of the few restaurants that carry arroz con pollo on the menu. I’m not a major beef lover, but I tasted my boyfriend’s meal with beef tips cheese in a tortilla with chesse sauce over it, it was really good. I recommend going there is you’re in the area.

  8. Went to East Tenampa last night for the first time and loved it. The chips were the best I’ve ever had. I don’t know what set them apart from others, but they were super fresh (still warm) and just had a great flavor. We got a side of guacamole and it was really good too. It had a really distinct flavor that may have been garlic but I wasn’t sure. Still loved it. I got the Chori Pollo which was two chicken breasts pounded out thin with chorizo and cheese sauce. It came with rice (didn’t eat it, not a rice fan) and a chicken enchilada. The enchilada was really good too. Husband got the Burrito California. I didnt’ try it, but he raved the whole time about it. It was filled with chicken and grilled veggies and covered with cheese sauce. We’ll definitely go back to this place.

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