You Don’t Always Have to Go Out for a Great Meal – but it sure is less clean up!

Susan says:

At least one night a week, I try to have a nice meal at home.  That means a restaurant-quality entree paired with a bottle of wine that Ron and I cook together.  Ron is a great cook – he can improvise and cook “on the fly”.  I am much more analytical and tend to follow recipes, pretty much to the letter.

This week, we prepared Cream Chicken and Spicy Green Beans from one of my Madhur Jaffrey Indian cookbooks.  The chicken was marinated in a spice blend including cumin, coriander and cayenne.  It was cooked with tomatoes (grape tomatoes this time), onion, yogurt and additional spices with cream added at the very end of the simmering process.  The green beans were kicked up with a diced serrano pepper, cauliflower and a splash of lemon juice gave a fresh, clean finish.  Garnished with fresh, chopped cilantro, I was very proud of the meal we made.  The chicken was tender.  The vegetables had a nice heat level.  The two dishes worked well together and I ended up kind of mixing them together to enjoy the sauce on the vegetables as well as on the meat.

I thought some basmati rice and nan would have been awesome to soak up the sauce left on my plate, but we are trying to cut back on those nasty carbs.

We enjoyed our dinner with a red table wine from Chile which Ron picked up from Mid Valley Mart on his way back home…on his mountain bike ride!  I suggested a basket for his Trek for future wine pick-ups but I don’t think he’ll consider it unless I can find one with skulls or the Kiss logo.

I love eating out, but cooking a meal together while discussing our day and sipping the wine is also a great time.  


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