Service Recovery – Delish Express

Dan says…

Photo from Delish-Express.comLast week the Five minus Susan headed down to Delish Express for some sandwich “p-o-r-n”. We all order quickly except Ben who’s ordering is always delayed, because he knows everyone in Charleston and maybe West Virginia. It was busy and with our large party we were stuck eating outside. Not a problem, but the tables outside only seat three and of course every other table has someone sitting at it. I wanted to push two tables together so I asked a couple of women that had not received their order yet if they would mind moving one table over. They looked at me like I had asked for their first born and with a little reluctance they moved.

Now for the service recovery. They have a new policy at DE. If your dine-in meal doesn’t arrive in ten minutes or less you get it for free. Misty ordered the BLT and it got lost between the sandwich press and the dining room. After everyone got their meal except the very hungry Misty, so we inquired with the server. She brought Misty a freshly made sandwich and told her it was “on-the-house”.

Note to fans of Virgil Saddora’s cuisine – I saw a table tent advertising his company “Indulge Eateries” and wooden nickels. Apparently something is coming soon! Don’t hold your breath, because Virgil is like Steve Jobs. His products take a while to come to market and you won’t hear anything about it until he is ready to open.

Check out Delish Express’ website. They are running a special in June for fathers!


4 responses to “Service Recovery – Delish Express

  1. Please elaborate on what sandwich “p-o-r-n” is.

  2. I guess you could say it’s a sandwich you lust after, but can’t have because your “lunch wife” doesn’t like the restaurant.

  3. I am done with Delish…they charge extra for the good lettuce and you still don’t get very many leaves. Don’t overlook the importance of the lettuce on a sandwich!

  4. The Vegetarian Wife

    Excuse me. I must protest on principle to the p-o-r-n reference. I don’t mind the “lunch wife” comment, though. Carry on.

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