Not Just Great Tasting Food at Taste of Asia II – Teays Valley, WV

Susan says:

Unfortunately there aren’t a great deal of restaurants to choose from in the Teays Valley area. And if you don’t count the fast food joints, there are only a dozen or so. If you also disqualify national chains, you’re down to a handful. I was so starved for a new restaurant when Taste of Asia II opened, I patronized the establishment once a week.

They have great tasting food at this Jewel of eastern culture, but they also serve beautiful food. Drilled into me from an inordinate number of hours fixated to the Food Network, you eat first with your eyes. The feast for the eyes begins with the interior decor of the Teays Valley location. Everything looks new and clean. In the original space, there are rows of booths and some tables around the perimeter. The bar is in the back as you walk in. On the left, they have added a new space: a hibachi area. The grills are separated from the main dining room by natural wood lattice walls. It separates the space visually but maintains a spacious, open feel. We could hear knives clinging and delighted guests squeal at the chef’s routine as we ate our lunch.

My first course was the golden brown, crispy egg roll that came free with my lunch special. It’s like a built-in appetizer! I like that it comes out in advance of the entree because I am hungry when I arrive at the restaurant and don’t want to wait very long for satisfaction. (The instant gratification of the chips & salsa is one reason I like Mexican so much.) The filling is finely shredded so you don’t get any big clumps of cabbage. There is some pork included, but just enough to give it some flavor. I am not an egg roll officienado, but I like these.

My second course was an order of spicy tuna roll. I received six pieces for $6.95. (I took three pieces home for later.) They have a sushi bar in the back of the restaurant, opposite a nice “alcohol” bar. You can sit right in front of the Sushi Chef and watch him create works of art from rice, seaweed, vegetables and fish. Today, I enjoyed my tuna at the dining table as a precursor to my main event. The rolls here are pretty small – I would like them even smaller – because it is difficult to stuff a whole piece of sushi in your mouth at one time. For me, anyway. I dipped the roll in the soy sauce, holding on to it with my chopsticks, and…down the hatch. Yum. The last time I ordered spicy tuna roll, they were topped with a spicy condiment. Today, that dab of condiment was missing and instead there were some little crunchy pieces of…well, I don’t know what it was. The roll still had heat to it but the mystery ingredient remains unknown to me. If you know what that stuff is, please comment and enlighten me. Maybe it was just a boo-boo on the chef’s part that day. Either way, they tasted good and fresh.

For my entree, I selected the Chicken Hunan, extra spicy. As I have noted in a previous post, I don’t think Chinese food generally is spicy. Not the Appalachianed Chinese food anyway. My solution to this problem is to order something already marked spicy with the tiny chili pepper on the menu and then request it be prepared extra spicy. I enjoyed a pleasingly spicy Chicken with Garlic Sauce by using this tactic on my last visit to Taste of Aisa II. It was spicy enough that my face was hot halfway through. Awesome! The Chicken Hunan wasn’t quite as spicy, but still very good. The vegetables they use are fresh and in large pieces. I feel like I am really getting quality food here. The plate was loaded with chicken so I had meat for every bite of veggies. There was a plentiful amount of thick sauce as well.

I metioned the plate – for Daniel’s benefit, let me elaborate on that. The plate was a clean, white, unscratched rectangle. My sushi plate was also an unscratched square. Daniel would have liked the dishes.

The portion was just right for lunch and when you consider that I also got an egg roll and a bowl of rice, the $4.75 price was a real bargain. And there was good service and atmosphere to boot!

The sodas are overpriced (just like everywhere it seems, these days) at $1.99 with free refills. I didn’t feel I got my money’s worth even with 3 refills. (I’ve gotta remember to pack that 2-liter next time.) I should have had the Sapporo….tastes so good with the sushi.

The service was good, as always. I never waited for a refill on my drink and the take out box I requested was delivered promptly. The young lady serving as cashier that day engaged my party in friendly conversation as she happily split our ticket and processed the credit cards.

Five Forks

I couldn’t find a thing wrong with my dining experience at Taste of Asia today. I guess I’ll just have to give them FIVE FORKS.

Taste of Asia II
1 Liberty Sq
Hurricane, WV 25526

Get Directions
(304) 760-6010

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16 responses to “Not Just Great Tasting Food at Taste of Asia II – Teays Valley, WV

  1. It is so unlike Susan to give a perfect rating to a Asian restaurant. 😉

  2. I’ve always been happy with my meals there, too!

    Great review, I have an urge to go out to lunch today now …. 🙂

  3. I have been on a TOA bender – 3 times in 2 weeks. I may need to go to Rehab. Extra Spicy Chicken with Garlic Sauce is sooooooo good. I also had the tempura on Friday. I need to check out the hibachi they added. It was very busy on Friday night.

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  5. It is the best place around… Even my choice in where to spend my Birthday.. Thanks Michael, Allen, Tom, Kenny, Sylvia and Lee… I love you guys..

  6. can someone give directions from I-64 to this restaurant? THX!

  7. Directions to TOA II: Take the Winfield exit off I-64 and bear to the right off the exit (toward Winfield). Turn right into the shopping plaza at the Hardee’s and then turn left, TOA is in a new mini-plaza on the left, right past the Advanced Auto Parts place.

  8. Susan, you’re an angel. We’ll be trying it tomorrow night.

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  13. I’ve never eaten at the ToA in TV, but I have been to the one in South Charleston. I think they just keep getting better and better! I had the most beautiful meal there the other night. Seriously, it was pretty. Check it out:

    My boyfriend had the red curry and it was devine! We are fans of Taste of Asia.

  14. Great job, Susan!
    You asked about the crunchies on the sushi. I believe they are tempura batter crunchies. First time I had them in/on sushi was at a great sushi restaurant in Atlanta in May. I’m delighted they use them at ToA – they are delicious!!!

  15. The condiment is wasabi.

  16. Elizabeth-
    I know what wasabi is… I am referring to some sort of spicy mayonnaise.

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