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Sweet and Spicy – Blues BBQ

Blues BBQ – South Charleston, WV

Dan says…

West Virginia is at such a weird latitude when it comes to food. The southern part of the state has, well, southern food, but the northern oddity – kraut and weiners can be found on menus, too. Pepperoni rolls are a specialty of the Fairmont and Clarksburg areas along with lots of Italian restaurants. You can find good crab cakes in the eastern panhandle, and you might as well be in Pittsburgh if you are in any county north of Wheeling. That leaves Charleston in some culinary void. Charleston is not southern enough to have a BBQ tradition of its own like South Carolina, Tenneessee, and Texas. What we do have is Blues BBQ on Jefferson Road in South Charleston. (Ownership Info – Blues BBQ sold their downtown location to a family member who is running it as O’Kay’s, but that is a different review.) Continue reading

Here’s a Catch….Tidewater

Tidewater Grill – Town Center Mall, Charleston, WV

Susan says:

Today is Mother’s Day and I am a mother. Therefore I felt like I deserved all sorts of special attention today. Ron took his mom out to lunch and to the Capitol Market to peruse the potted plants and I, luckily, got in on that whole deal. We tried Fazio’s, rightly his first choice. As I expected, there were no openings as all the other sons/wannabe-step-fathers had made a reservation. So then we drove around for a bit, passing Blossom Deli which was closed. Ron decided on Tidewater. My little girls let out a joyful squeal – we went there most recently for my birthday and they both enjoyed the experience immensely.

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Fusion Pizza on the East End

The Original Firestation Pizza & Mediterranean Buffet – East End, Charleston, WV

NOTE: This restaurant has changed its name to Sinbad’s
Dan says…

There are a few buildings in Charleston, WV that have revolving doors for restaurants. Capitol Street has more than its fair share and the old firehouse in the East End on Washington Street has been a Chinese buffett, Dippa’s Rib Shack, and now it’s Morocco Mediterranean Cuisine and Pizza. It is also The Original Firestation Pizza and Mediterranean Buffet depending if you read the sign or the menu. I think that this incarnation is going to be around for a while. As odd as the combination sounds, this establishment actually is simultaneously serving two different markets. It is reaching the budget-minded state worker with a bargain pizza buffet for lunch, and the “Crunchy” East End resident in the evening with some ethnic offerings. Continue reading

“wo xuyao chyan” ~ China Super Buffet – Elkview WV

China Super Buffet – Crossings Mall, Elkview, WV

Ron Says…

Well I had to loosen my waistband today…. Out and about in the Kanawha Valley, with lunch quickly approaching… thus causing us to not discuss work, and instead more importantly – where we were going to spend our hard earned money for lunch. Personally, I wasn’t with my better half, so I suggested the Ponde’GrossA here in Elkview, however my coworker – whom shall remain nameless, so I’ll call him, Bill – says “no, let’s eat Chinese”, I said “where??” “Here over behind the K’Mart” he responds. Sure enough.. there’s another China Super Buffet. Continue reading

Best Bar Burger – Murad’s

Murad’s at 35th Street – Kanawha City, Charleston, WV

Dan says…

I have no clue how long Murad’s has been in business in the Kanawha City neighborhood of Charleston. It has been a decade or two, at least. I read somewhere that if a restaurant makes it through its first year it has a greater than 90% chance of being open 10 years. Murad’s has stood the test of time and with a recent interior facelift it will last a couple more decades. If you haven’t been to Murad’s in the last year, because it felt quite worn you will be happy with the changes. It has been refreshed with new carpet, new paint, and recovered seats. The old pool hall area now has more family friendly games like DDR and air hockey. Murad’s is also smoke-free. đŸ™‚

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The Fresh Seafood Company….Take Two

Susan says…

Today my parents were passing through town and were meeting me for lunch. I wanted to choose a place that was easy for my Dad to find, not too far off the interstate, and something his taste buds would enjoy. (It would be an understatement to say my Dad is a picky eater.) But Dad likes fish. So I thought today would be a good day to try the Fresh Seafood Company again after my sub-par experience last time.

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If you trust Delish, it will be Delish – Delish Express


NOTE: This restaurant is closed.

Delish Express – East End, Charleston, WV

Dan says…

There are very few, if any foods that I don’t like. I generally will try anything and really do like watching Andrew Zimmerman do the same. Don’t worry you will not be seeing reviews of restaurants that specialize in deep fried ants on this blog. I tell you this, because I trust that a good restaurant will test and retest then taste and re-taste a recipe before they put it on the menu. After eating at the original Delish, Cilantros and Delish Express I believe that Virgil Saddora does just that. Continue reading