The Skinny on Specials – Deli-Fresh (Update)

Deli Fresh (Update) – Coonskin/Airport Hill, Charleston, WV

Dan says…Sausage Sandwich Deli Fresh WV

Susan and I felt compelled to post an update to our previous review of Deli Fresh. I have to tell everyone about this sandwich special they are running until June 30th. The Sausage and Kraut Sub rocks! They butterfly a 8-9″ sausage, top it with sauerkraut and white (swiss?) cheese. They put all this on their 9″ steak bun with a thick line of brown spicy mustard. You should give this sandwich a try even though the mustard is incorrectly applied to the cheese side and not the meat side of the sandwich. (Personal Preference)

Please note that due to mission work and other travel the second generation will be running the family business for a few weeks this summer. I don’t know where else I’ll go to get a good sandwich and a hard time. πŸ™‚

Susan says…

Turkey on great bread

As always, I had the turkey with provolone, green peppers and lettuce. And, as always, it was delish. Sometimes I also add jalapenos but I wasn’t feeling particularly spicy today. Their bread is fantastic – toasty, medium-thickness, and warm. Yum! The owners know us by name, our drink orders, and my turkey sandwich since I am so predictable.

I like going there for the camaraderie with the owners as much as the food. And I also enjoy seeing Dan get heckled.

I order a turkey sandwich almost every time I am in a deli sandwich situation. Of all the turkey sandwiches I have savored around the greater Kanawha Valley area, Deli Fresh would be my favorite. If you haven’t been to Deli Fresh, give them a try! I still stand at FOUR FORKS.

1405 Greenbrier St
Charleston, WV 25311
(304) 345-3354


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