Fusion Pizza on the East End

The Original Firestation Pizza & Mediterranean Buffet – East End, Charleston, WV

NOTE: This restaurant has changed its name to Sinbad’s
Dan says…

There are a few buildings in Charleston, WV that have revolving doors for restaurants. Capitol Street has more than its fair share and the old firehouse in the East End on Washington Street has been a Chinese buffett, Dippa’s Rib Shack, and now it’s Morocco Mediterranean Cuisine and Pizza. It is also The Original Firestation Pizza and Mediterranean Buffet depending if you read the sign or the menu. I think that this incarnation is going to be around for a while. As odd as the combination sounds, this establishment actually is simultaneously serving two different markets. It is reaching the budget-minded state worker with a bargain pizza buffet for lunch, and the “Crunchy” East End resident in the evening with some ethnic offerings.

This place has been busy and the owners have been tweaking things over the last six months and have gotten it just about right. They switched from foam plates to real plates. They moved the pizza oven from the front of the building to the back. They raised the price from $3.99 to $4.99. Wait how can that be good? $3.99 was too cheap. The place was packed, they couldn’t keep up with the buffet and at that price they wouldn’t be in business for too long. One thing I miss is some Mediterranean dishes on the buffet. 😦

Every time I’ve made it to the Firestation, the buffet has been fresh. The pizza is good and hot. They offer a variety of pies, such as pepperoni, supreme, Hawaiian, and veggie. The standout for the “The Five” is the spinach and feta pizza. It is a sauceless pie and if I had to guess the dough is rubbed with EVOO and garlic. They top this winner with spinach, feta and their pizza blend cheese. This pie also has a gyro version with lamb, but I am the only one that will eat it. It is equally as good, but I prefer it meatless. The crust is a traditional style that is lightly raised. The buffet has two salads, one with pepperoni and one without, which are dressed with EVOO and lemon juice. They are a little dry at times. I also miss the hummus that once resided on that cold bar. This time we were rewarded with a special dessert pizza treat – Baklava pizza. Sweet and nutty goodness.

Again, the buffet will run you $4.99 and the refillable fountain beverages are a bargin at $1. The ethnic menu selections will run you north of $10, but the ingredients are cheap these days. I rate the Firestation a solid THREE FORKS. (I would give it a half more fork if I could.) I will visit it again when my friend with Carbophobia is out of the office. 🙂

1604 Washington St E
Charleston, WV
(304) 340-0091

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7 responses to “Fusion Pizza on the East End

  1. Glad I found your review. I frequent the bluegrass kitchen and I was wondering about Morocco.

  2. I came across your website today, and after reading through the reviews, I decided to walk from capital street to this place for lunch…..and what a let down. When I arrived, no one was there to seat me, so I seated myself, then after waiting, I went up to the buffet and grabbed a couple slices of generic pizza. The spinach was good, the rest were ok at best. The salad was a joke. I had to get my own soda and subsequent refills. Finally after a regretful meal the cashier/busgirl/hostest/waitress left to go to the bank, leaving me trapped with no way to pay for 10 minutes. This was the first time I did not leave a tip ever. What the fork are you doing giving that dive a 3 out of 5?

    At least I got some good exercise and entertainment by some of the east end residents.

    • Mike – I need to refer you to the page that explains the “forks”.

      Three Forks – This restaurant is good, but not great.

      Many everyday dining locales get a THREE Fork rating. They are good places to eat. The high volume of clientele may prevent them from being great at any one thing. Perhaps they have a couple great menu items and the remainder of the offerings are a yawn. Sometimes the atmosphere and service are so poor that they bring a place with great food down to an average rating.

      This establishment fulfills the need for nourishment but not the desire for a complete dining experience.

      Their pizza is good, but pizza is like BBQ in that everyone has different tastes. I like their crust. I liked the buffet better when they offered middle eastern food, too. We have updated the review with other posts that cover that detail.

      As far as your service is concerned – It’s a buffet! Seat yourself and serve yourself. A system built for speed. There is no excuse for them not to be there to take your money. Looking at when you posted your comment you were there during prime lunch hours, which is the only time you should go to a buffet.

      I tip 50 cents to a buck at a buffet max, if even at all.

  3. Mike –

    I think the spinach pizza is yummy and I fill up on only that variety. I agree with Daniel that it’s a buffet, so I don’t expect someone to get my drink/refills. As long as they place a fresh, hot spinach pizza during my stay, that’s all I need. Misty or I sit in a position to see the buffet so we’ll know when a new spinach/feta pie comes out of the oven. Then we “calmly” proceed to grab a couple slices, elbowing anyone that gets in the way. (JK about the elbowing)

    Given the $4.99 pricetag, it’s a great deal. And it’s fast. That’s why it’s in our regular lunch rotation, even without the Mediterranean food.

    I’m sorry you didn’t have a good experience. The service you received today was nothing like our most recent visit last week. We were checked on every 15 minutes to see if we needed anything and Ron even got a to-go cup.

  4. We just tried to go on a Saturday night.
    We walked right in. Only one other customer.
    When we went to the buffet we ended up leaving. The food all looked very good and we couldn’t wait to try it, but it didn’t seem clean(editor’s revision). We plan to try it again sometime. Maybe if its clean.

    1604 Washington St East. Sam and his wife were very kind and helpful and accommodating with the order I placed. They offer halel lamb, but require a couple of days notice. An excellent place to get Middle Eastern food. Just say Jane sent you. I recommend this catering service highly. Delicious food and super personal service. 5 stars. Located on the East Side near the corner of Elizabeth Street and Washington Street East. Bright orange doors. Oval sign above door.

  6. Passed by today and noticed it is now a pancake place.

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