“wo xuyao chyan” ~ China Super Buffet – Elkview WV

China Super Buffet – Crossings Mall, Elkview, WV

Ron Says…

Well I had to loosen my waistband today…. Out and about in the Kanawha Valley, with lunch quickly approaching… thus causing us to not discuss work, and instead more importantly – where we were going to spend our hard earned money for lunch. Personally, I wasn’t with my better half, so I suggested the Ponde’GrossA here in Elkview, however my coworker – whom shall remain nameless, so I’ll call him, Bill – says “no, let’s eat Chinese”, I said “where??” “Here over behind the K’Mart” he responds. Sure enough.. there’s another China Super Buffet.

This must be Foriegn Food Plaza, because right next to it is a La Carreta mexican place. Anyhow, the place is new, and decorated with the same deco that you see at every chinese buffett joint – Murals of areas wiped out by the Three Gorges Dam, various Buddah’s of different shapes and only one size – Fat.

No cars in the parking lot, my expectations were not very high on this place – and thankfully so. Nevertheless we were seated quickly and I promptly ordered my drink – Sprite, and proceeded with the enjoyment of my meal. Before diving in, I like to survey the fare… and I have to say, that this China Super Buffett probably has more food items than Elkview has population. The typical chinese stuff, but also pizza, seafood… pretty good. (but if you’ve been to one of these places – well you’ve been to them all) Time to dive in.

Round One…

I have a routine when I frequent these food joints.. and typically I start with soup – Hot and Sour, an egg roll, and these I guess Teryaki Chicken sticks.. but I do not know what they are – well they may as well be cat or in this case Elk River Muskrat or something… My hot and sour soup wasn’t really to my liking – tasted more like vinegar, and the tofu was more like curdled plasma – but some places are like that. My Elk River Muskrat sticks we’re not very teryaki, as far as I know, they may have been actual Muskrat. My egg roll, well it was pretty bland.. However the hot mustard I dip on these two items.. well it was awsome, and for once I was actually glad that my cheap a** decided to get an Sprite, instead of water.

Round Two…

Round one typically fills me up, so when I go for round two, I’m simply eating for the pure enjoyment and satisfaction of eating. The same with today….

This round, I typically look for a cashew chicken dish (otherwise known as L21 on most take out menus)… This place had one, I grabbed some of the general’s toes, and they had a very interesting dish of Honey Fried Chicken… this could be a new favorite… as it was very good… My L21 had plenty of burnt cashews, and was overly soyed up… (ie too much soy sauce) the General Toes Chicken – well it was about like every place… what should have been crispy was squishy…. I also pilled on some fried rice, and something esle but I forget what – but it was probaly some form of diced chicken or pork in some sauce. Most of this meal especially the rice and the Cashew Chicken, was cool or cold… and well cool rice really isn’t very good.

Round Three

Well if in round two I was eating for the pure pleasure of eating, then in round three I was commiting a sin – Gluttony. I have a tendancy to binge and purge when I go to buffets…. (believe me you don’t want me to write about that purging story). I would have had a picture, but I’ve gorged out so much that I could no longer squeeze my phone out of my pants to take a picture.

Well this is either a more stuffing round or a dessert’ish round….today it was both… I had some more of that honey chicken, about 4 pieces… then I normally get the sweet and sour chicken… and well I did… about 8 pieces… I also got some apple pie… there’s was not very good…. very bland… kanawha city’s china buffet is still the tops in that department. Was going to get ice cream, but I had to scoop it myself…. so I didn’t want that…. so it was a helping of Mandarin Oranges….

Overall… the place wasn’t too bad… for $7.35 I got my meal and a drink… ( I don’t tip buffets.. why should I? I do all the work right?) I’m giving it 3 forks…. but something tells me I want to give it two, because of the temps of some of the food.. but after I got my fortune I’ve decided to rank it as a two…

TWO FORKS ….. BECAUSE: “your emotional nature is strong and sensitive” IS NOT A FORTUNE!!!! that’s a statement. A fortune is something like… “you will be lucky today”… etc… so for a cheap computer generated fortune…. they loose a fork.. but I’ll eat here again…

PS: “wo xuyao chyan” = “I need money”

303 Crossings Mall
Elkview, WV
(304) 965-7666


5 responses to ““wo xuyao chyan” ~ China Super Buffet – Elkview WV

  1. I think you should only tip at a Buffet if you receive service. Bringing you one overpriced beverage is not service.

    Good review.

  2. Thanks for the review. I live in Elkview and haven’t tried the “wo xuyao chyan” yet, so I appreciate the honest review. I had heard both yea’s and na’s about the restuarant and me being the Mexican lover, I always opt to go next door to La Carreta’s.

    PS. I enjoyed the read…keep the reviews coming.

  3. welcome to discussion. My name is owen, I am the new owner of china super buffet now. There might be some negetive thing happen before at china super buffet. But since I took over the business. I will provide fresh food and best service to every customer. I hope those customer don’t like us, give us a chance to service you. as I said we are new people, we have a new style management now. thank you..

  4. Mr. Lam-

    Thank you for your comment and letting us know that the ownership has changed.

    Good luck – we wish you the best!

  5. I absolutely love this place. It is my Favorite Restaurant in Elkview. I love the Lunch and Dinner buffets. The staff is always friendly and attentive. The food is great and affordable. I always walk away wishing I hadn’t ate so much! I give them 5*’s.

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