The Fresh Seafood Company….Take Two

Susan says…

Today my parents were passing through town and were meeting me for lunch. I wanted to choose a place that was easy for my Dad to find, not too far off the interstate, and something his taste buds would enjoy. (It would be an understatement to say my Dad is a picky eater.) But Dad likes fish. So I thought today would be a good day to try the Fresh Seafood Company again after my sub-par experience last time.

When I arrived, my Mom and two other friends traveling with them were enjoying the selection of fresh tomatoes at the Purple Onion. Mom had also spied several hanging baskets outside in the open-air market that she thought would look great dangling from the porch roofline at her house. All the ladies picked up different salads from the Purple Onion – mine was a spinach salad with dried cranberries, mandarin oranges, strawberries, feta and almonds. It was the perfect size to go along with the fish I planned to get down the hall. I thought the salad was a bit pricey at $4.99 but it tasted very fresh and there were no “healthy” sides at the fish place.

My Dad ordered the big fish sandwich for he and my Mom to split and I got a couple pieces of the fresh catch. They were hot and cooked perfectly this time, unlike the prior visit when they stayed in the fry pan too long. Dad noted that his sandwich was “big” when they announced his number. Duh…that’s why it’s called the “big fish sandwich”, silly Father!

I think the owner may have taken my order and processed my refill – he was very sweet and his genuineness made me want to come back again.

My suggestion for improvement is to offer a side dish that is not fried or full of fatty mayo – maybe a side salad. Maybe you could collaborate with your neighbors down the hall? I would go there more often if I didn’t feel so guilty about what I consume.

My rating stands at THREE FORKS.

The Fresh Seafood Company
Capitol Market
800 Smith Street
Charleston, WV 25301

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4 responses to “The Fresh Seafood Company….Take Two

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  2. The “Fresh” Seafood Company should be called the “Putrid” Seafood Comapny. The seafood products they sell are disgusting. . . way outdated, discolored and smelly. I wouldn’t eat there on a dare.

  3. I like their fish and fries lunch. It’s fried…it’s pretty easy to please me with deep fried food.

    But I was disappointed when I purchased scallops from them for a dinner party. I had tested the recipe using large sea scallops from Kroger, but thought it would be nice to use a local vendor.

    The sea scallops I received from Fresh Seafood Company were all different sizes – only a couple were as large as what I expected – I was told I was getting U10s (meaning it should only take 10 scallops to make a pound).

    Another problem is that they were wet-packed and I paid for a bunch of extra liquid weight, and even worse, my scallops wold not carmelize with all that excess liquid excreting during cooking.

    Next time, I am going Krogering.

  4. Guess I have to eat a little crow. After my comment on fresh ( and delicious) fish and seafood being a myth in WV, I didn’t think far enough North in this state. I doubt that you will find any fish and seafood any fresher, and more delicious than that which you will get at Colemans Fish Market in Wheeling. Really wonderful, and they serve delicious fried clams, oysters, and so much more. It’s been a long time since my late wife and I ate there, but the reports indicate that it is still great, and still attracting long lines of customers.
    I can’t alter my comments on the Fresh Fish Market in Charleston. As negative as they were, I thought I was stating the facts fairly, and I still do.

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