“We’re Goin’ to the Roadhouse, We’re goin’ to have a real good time” – Logan’s Roadhouse, Barboursville

Logan’s Roadhouse – Huntington Mall – Cinco De Mayo…

Ron says:

Woke up this morning and I got myself a beer”…. Isn’t that how The Doors song goes?? I think that lyric’s from the song Roadhouse Blues. If not, well I have an ID-10-T problem.

Ok, well Logan’s Roadhouse…. I’ll give it 3 forks on the “Special” night. Monday’s and Tuesday’s I think it is… two dinners for $13.99. Basically you get to choose from about eight different items ranging from chicken, steak, salad, etc as an entree then two sides… fries, side salad, baked potato etc…

Typically this Logan’s meal is no feast , but it is close and it isn’t too bad, so let’s “let it rolllll,….. baby rolllll”.. unfortunately it did use to only be $11.99 but well times are tough on the restaurant millionairs and they had to raise that to $13.99 after they got me hooked. However it’s still a bargain at that all things considered….

This eve, 9PM, I had the pork chop, my partner, had a salad.. plus a couple pilsners to wash it down. (meal hint – catch this special during 4 & 6PM I think it is and then it’s even better because that is happy hour) I think our 16oz or 22oz beers (the one pictured) were $3.50 and they have at least Mich Ultra, Bud and Bud Light on draft…. a few others but you will get no Rogue Ale’s at this roadhouse.

The pork chop was thin, but the broccoli and potato were all good and made the difference quite nicely. Thin the porkchop may be, but it was still pretty d*m good, and I’m talkin’ bone nibblin’ good.

This is a good deal for two people, two very filling meals and a few drafts, and tip and we were out the door for $30. Plus you get their awesome rolls…. in my opinion Logan’s rolls are only beat by those biscuits at that seafood joint that has a certain color lobster.

Keep in mind this Logan’s has no smoking, if you were to frequent the Logan’s at Southridge for the same special, you will get to watch the smokers in their smoking aquarium.

Well that’s all I have to say ~ Enjoy.

3 Forks for Logans at the Huntington Mall.

FYI ~ ( I D 10 T = idiot )

Susan’s Review

I love this deal at Logan’s – it is hard to beat the meals you have to choose from for even the $13.99 price point. I usually order the grilled salmon fillet with broccoli and a caesar salad but tonight I was feeling rebellious and decided to do something absolutely crazy. For those who know and dine with me, you know that I never, repeat NEVER, order an entree salad. I just don’t feel like I get full enough and there is nothing hot. Tonight, for some reason – maybe a full moon, maybe Vacation-Letdown, I ordered the Kickin’ Logan’s Chicken Salad.

This salad was part of the $13.99 deal (of course! Ordering something NOT on the $13.99 deal would be like letting an Old Navy $10 Bucks Back coupon expire in your purse, unused) and it was a large salad. It featured romaine lettuce, shredded cheese, tomatoes, corn & black bean salsa, and blackened chicken. It was supposed to come with tortilla strips but mine didn’t, which was just as well since I am on the Low-Carb Torture Diet (see my previous post for further explanation) and I would have picked them off anyway. The dressing was a so-called spicy ranch. I didn’t think it was all that spicy but since I only stick my fork tines down in the dressing cup slightly before each bite of salad, I probably didn’t get the full effect intended by the creators of the dressing.

I actually enjoyed that salad. In fact, I have never ordered anything off the $13.99 meal I didn’t like. I have tried the salmon, as I said, the pork chop, the teriyaki chicken (my favorite Pre-Carb Diet choice), the mesquite grilled chicken and the Santé Fe tilapia. These choices are always accompanied by broccoli – not that cheap-ass mixed veggie stuff you get most places, and a caesar salad. Logan’s has, in my opinion, the best Caesar salad dressing around. In fact, I once asked for some dressing to take home with me and inquired as to whether I might be able to purchase an entire jug of said dressing. They happily handed over a couple to-go cups full of that tangy, yummy, creamy concoction.

Oh, and I have no idea how much a soda is there because we always go for dinner and we always wash our grilled meat down with a Micholob Ultra draft, also one of the few places with Mic Ultra on draft.

It’s no Chop House, but it costs 1/10 of the Chop House, at least on Monday/Tuesday. We don’t eat there any other time because I feel it costs too much for what you get at regular menu prices (almost double). I give Logan’s Roadhouse – THREE FORKS.

4 responses to ““We’re Goin’ to the Roadhouse, We’re goin’ to have a real good time” – Logan’s Roadhouse, Barboursville

  1. I’ve eaten there several times with no complaints. We usually get a good meal, but not last night. Seated immediately and drink and meal orders taken quickly, we waited at least 30 minutes to get our food. When it arrived, my shrimp/veggie skewers were luke warm and some of the shrimp were undercooked. My side of sauteed mushrooms were overcooked. My baked sweet potato was decent. Our waitress was attentive enough at first. Then after twice telling us our food would “be right up” and it wasn’t, she seemed to ignore us. After she finally brought the food, she disappeared until she brought the bill, well after we’d finished eating. No drink refills since before we got our food and she apparently couldn’t get an AmEx card to work, but somehow a Visa went through (strange because an hour later the same AmEx card worked in the mall.)

  2. Thanks so much for the praise….I have worked there for a very long time. Its hard work, but I love it.

  3. Thanks for the positive review, however I really think you should give our non-special menu another chance; we have some excellent choices, such as our ribeye, prime rib, filet, and scampi…

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