Al patio le falta una silla o dos

Dan says…

More on the title in a minute. El Patio is a nice Mexican lunch or dinner option if you are in Bluefield, Virginia or West Virginia.

The place must be pretty new, because the dining room and decor were very fresh. Every table and chair is painted with bright and cheerful art. There is mosaic tile work at the entrance where you are asked – “Smoking or Non-Smoking?” I feel for the servers that have to work that section.

The menu was typical of any Mexican place with the standard Speedy Gonzalez for lunch and 25 different combination dinners for $7.25. They did have several unique items such as, the Parilla Fiesta and the Piña Fiesta with the later being grilled chicken, beef and shrimp served in a hollowed out pineapple shell with colorful vegetables. That’s kinda of like Mexican Triple Delight!

We were served chips and salsa before our hind quarters hit the bench. The chips were more crunchy than crispy. They were fresh and were hand cut from fresh corn tortillas. The salsa was chunky and medium hot. I prefer a thinner salsa with a stronger cilantro flavor. I was turned off, because there was a larger chunk of canned tomato with the stem still attached. I have no issues with the canned product just the stem.

I ordered the Taco Salad Fajitas. I am on a taco salad bender, as it is the only thing I have ordered at La Carreta lately (review pending). It was served fresh and hot in the expected fried flour tortilla bowl. The chicken and beef were seasoned and cooked perfectly. The sautéed red and green peppers added nice color and flavor. The titled of this post translates to “The patio was lacking a chair or two”, which means that the salad was missing a few key advertised ingredients. This a pet peeve of mine. If you are going to take the time of describing the dish in detail on the menu then you better get all the ingredients into the bowl. My salad was void of cheese (shredded or sauce) and tomatoes. The silly thing is my dining partner got the beef Taco Salad and she got all her ingredients. I am applying a one fork deduction for not having all the players on the field.

The taco salad fajitas were $6.25. Sorry Susan I can’t recall how much I paid for my iced tea. I give El Patio Mexican Grill…Three Forks.

El Patio Mexican Grill
523 Commerce Drive
Bluefield, VA 24605

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