The Fresh Seafood Company Burned Us

Susan says…

Today’s lunch was one of the most painful lunch days in recent memory. I truly wondered if I would EVER get to eat something.

Part I

Read my review on the Power Alley Grill. We sat there forever, no one waited on us, they removed the fish sandwich from the menu, nothing else worth spending carbs on, blah, blah, blah….I ended up at the Fresh Seafood Company at the Capitol Market.

Part II

I chose the Fresh Seafood Company for the culmination of today’s lunch because 1) it was close to Power Alley Grill, and 2) I am still trying to get a good fish sandwich somewhere.

Enough time had passed that my Carb-Phobia was creeping back in on me, so I chose the fish and fries instead of the big fish sandwich. A croissant is not worth the carbs, in my opinion, because I prefer my bread to be toasty and crispy, which croissants are not.

The fries were great. Crispy and hot and there were plenty of them. The fish was a decent portion, but some of the pieces were so thin, that when they were fried the fish inside the breading got cooked to smithereens and there was no fish to be found when you cut into it. (see photo). The breading has a great taste to it, kind of peppery. The drinks were $.99 for a small and $1.89 for a large and you get just one refill so I chose the large. Ron got the big fish sandwich combo and a water. Our total was $15.40.

We had to wait for what I thought was a long time to get our food (and maybe the fish was in the fryer too long hence the smithereens), but the food was hot and yummy. I brought the burntness to the attention of the staff at the time I obtained my one drink refill, but they did not offer to re-do, give a discount, future coupon, nothin’.

I give Fresh Seafood Company Three Forks.


I visited them again on a date with my parents and had much yummier fish.  See the latest review.
The Fresh Seafood Company
Capitol Market
800 Smith Street
Charleston, WV 25301

4 responses to “The Fresh Seafood Company Burned Us

  1. I have to agree that if I have trouble spelling the bread I don’t want to eat a fish sandwich on it. I prefer a toasted bun.

  2. If memory serves me correctly, the fish sam’miches at Jewel City Seafood on 4th Ave in Huntington are pretty darn good.

  3. I’ll be sure to check that place out. Thanks.

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