Consistently Consistent at Deli Fresh


If you want a simple meal served quick then join the pile of regulars that flock to Deli Fresh on Greenbrier Street on a daily basis. Deli Fresh is run by a husband and wife team. The husband takes the orders and the wife does everything else. Funny how that works. Their menu is a simple mix of hot and cold sandwiches with a selection of homemade deli salads. The standouts include “The Stallion”, “BBQ” and “Turkey & Cheese”. These sandwiches come on a variety of bread, but the best is the baguette. The center peice of the kitchen must be an impinger oven that they run all their hot sandwiches through. It does a great job of crisping the bread. Another great item is the pizza rolls that come 3 for $1.99 or 5 for $3.99. As RR would say they are YUM-O!

Pizza BurgerToday I tried something different. I had the “Pizza Burger” and a peanut butter no-bake. It comes on a 5″ Kiser roll and the patty is big enough to cover the bun. No “Where’s the beef?” here. It is topped with pizza sauce, banana peppers and slice of white cheese. I bet it is provolone. It is a good sandwich. At $2.79 it is hard to go wrong.

Why do I see the same people at Deli Fresh every time I come? Because it is consistent! I can’t leave off this important fact – If you come to Deli Fresh once you get good, prompt and polite service, but when when you become a regular you receive a special serving of sarcasm with every order. If you’re lucky. I rate Deli Fresh with Three Forks.


I have to agree with Dan, every time I visit Deli Fresh I get a hot, fresh sandwich from genuinely nice proprietors. I always get the turkey & cheese and it is always loaded with turkey. Today I tried a create-your-own in order to cut down on calories. Instead of the usual yummy baguette, I chose wheat bread instead, but it was still hot and toasty and delicious.

They have a nice selection of homemade salads, chips and frozen treats. Sometimes you can even luck into a homemade dessert but they go fast. When you come to Deli Fresh, bring cash because they do not take a credit or debit card. But the good news is that you won’t need much – for my sandwich and a fountain soda, the total was $4.01.

The only thing I can think of that would improve my Deli Fresh experience is a basket of homemade french fries. I think Deli Fresh does a great job of delivering simple deli sandwiches – I rate them Four Forks.

1405 Greenbrier St
Charleston, WV 25311

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2 responses to “Consistently Consistent at Deli Fresh

  1. Thanks so much for the review and reminder. I never think about going here but always have great food when I do. The last time I was there was this time last year, after adopting two shelter kittens. I got a yummy grilled veggie sandwich (which shocked my b-friend because I’m a big fan of meat). I’m heading up there now!

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