Ate Like a Prince at King Tut’s Drive In

SignEating in your car is so American. Where else can you pull up to a nondescript building and order a burger with everything. One place in Beckley, WV is King Tut’s Drive In on Eisenhower Drive also known as US 19. King Tut’s is a cinderblock building with a weathered wood facade. They serve all kinds of things from hoagies to hot dogs.

Today I wanted a hamburger, which is rumored to be served on a homemade roll and have coleslaw on it. It delivered at least half of that. But on the subject of delivery – the car hop was nice and prompt considering the place was packed. She did acknowledge me and told me she would be get right to me. This is always a good sign. She took my order for a hamburger with everything with a smile after explaining that the “Night Mare” was a polish sausage sandwich.Kit Tut\'s Menu

My single burger took a few minutes to prepare and I started to wonder what I did wrong since the cars on either side of me that ordered after me got their food first. The burger must take longer to cook. The burger arrived and I am not sure if it was on a homemade bun and after reviewing the menu board it is not one of the items that specifies this feature. It did, in fact have cole slaw and it was no less under the patty? After polishing off the main course I have determined that the slaw makes the burger. It is sweet and mixes with mustard on the bun. It adds a nice crunchy texture. The burger is not huge. The additional ingredients were fresh, but I really don’t think this patty could stand alone. The total cost for this delight was $2.60 with tax. I give King Tut’s – THREE FORKS for this visit.

Burger with Slaw

301 N. Eisenhower Dr.
Beckley, WV 25801

King Tut Drive-In on Urbanspoon


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