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Best Lunch Special EVER – Bennigans

Note:  This restaurant CLOSED in 2009

Ron Says…

First ~ I have no Pictures as I was on a work lunch.

Second ~ I’m not even sure if this applies to all Bennigans.  Bennigans people speak up if it does.

Third ~ yes Bennigans is a chain, I don’t care, just shut up about that already.

Fourth ~ This is just my opinion, not Dan’s, Susan’s, Misty’s, or Phil’s, or yours.  MINE, just get over it.

Are you ready?

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“We’re Goin’ to the Roadhouse, We’re goin’ to have a real good time” – Logan’s Roadhouse, Barboursville

Logan’s Roadhouse – Huntington Mall – Cinco De Mayo…

Ron says:

Woke up this morning and I got myself a beer”…. Isn’t that how The Doors song goes?? I think that lyric’s from the song Roadhouse Blues. If not, well I have an ID-10-T problem.

Ok, well Logan’s Roadhouse…. I’ll give it 3 forks on the “Special” night. Monday’s and Tuesday’s I think it is… two dinners for $13.99. Basically you get to choose from about eight different items ranging from chicken, steak, salad, etc as an entree then two sides… fries, side salad, baked potato etc…

Typically this Logan’s meal is no feast , but it is close and it isn’t too bad, so let’s “let it rolllll,….. baby rolllll”.. unfortunately it did use to only be $11.99 but well times are tough on the restaurant millionairs and they had to raise that to $13.99 after they got me hooked. However it’s still a bargain at that all things considered…. Continue reading